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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

I Might Have Won the Fight for a Cozy Christmas

I just love this quote.

I read it in November when I was going through the Cozy Christmas ebook. (It's only $5 right now so go get yours before the sale ends!) It helped me to stay grounded this season when I wanted to go all crazy-Christmas Mom instead of cozy-Christmas Mom. 

The quote to be so true. I intentionally watched the month unfold through the girls' eyes. And boy were they impressed. I could hardly believe how excited they were, when I "knew" I wasn't doing "it all" quite "right."

As adults, we tend to rush through life way too fast anyways, and never more than during the Christmas season. As "slow down" has been my biggest life's lesson of 2014, I was really intentional about finishing the year strong in that department. I knew I needed to have a Christmas version of my things-I-don't-do list.

It wasn't easy. Christmas is the time of year I really truly WANT to do it all! So I had to be pretty ruthless with myself.

My children had a lovely month... and they're going to have a lovely next few days. And that's how I want to look at Christmas. 

Even if you don't have children, take a few moments this week to contemplate and enjoy the sparkle around you with fresh eyes. Child's eyes. Breathe it all in... the cinnamon and pine and sugar cookies and gingerbread. Sit on the couch under a blanket with all the lights off but the Christmas tree lights.

Just be in the quiet moments of Christmas. 

Look at the things you did this month and smile. Don't look at the things you didn't do and worry. Every season is different and it's the same with Christmas! This year, I couldn't get around to stringing popcorn garland or celebrating St. Nicholas Day or making 5 different types of cookies or getting all the packages mailed on time. I didn't make the cinnamon ornaments I wanted to make for the tree.

But I did have fun. And so did the girls!

We ate monkey bread and decorated the tree and read our favorite Christmas books a million times. I delegated or ignored tasks that weren't absolutely necessary so I could make time for Christmas playdough and paper snowflakes. I was the busiest I've ever been professionally during the holidays, having a blast photographing the Nutcracker, but I still made time for yoga and reading and getting enough sleep. The girls and I had fun singing Christmas songs with this free app and they REALLY loved this free app where they got to cut Santa's hair!

When I look back at this month, I have none of the feelings of "Christmas stress" that I usually have. Just a lot of happy memories.

Ahhhhh so THAT'S what that feels like! 

Merry Merry MERRY Christmas you guys!