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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Keeping it Real | This is the Opposite of a Clean Slate

So a few days after Christmas I posted this glorious iPad photo of the living room in all it's glory... freshly picked up with the sun shining through!

And then I posted these lovely sentiments about getting the Christmas decorations down and having a clean slate before New Year's.


In the interest of full disclosure this is what my house looked like on the first day of 2015...

If you're thinking it still looks a lot like Hurricane Christmas in my house you are absolutely correct.

But what can I say? I am dreading dragging the Christmas tree outside because of all the needles it's going to drop. I had a few work deadlines come up so I had to put chores on hold. We got a TON of packages from our generous families so we basically had a second round of Christmas last night.

All in all, our New Year's Day looked pretty chaotic. 

But it's okay. I got the papers and boxes all put away in the garage and J is home for the weekend so he'll be able to help me tackle the tree and rearrange the living room. And I spent time reading with my girls and hanging up their new swing and getting out some fabulous sticker projects for them.

Who cares if there's still confetti on the floor!

I just wanted to make sure you don't think my life always looks like this...

...in fact, that's actually pretty rare lately!

But my life did look like this last night... 

Germany sure knows how to bring in the New Year with a bang! I hope you all have an awesome start to 2015. Even if it's a tad messier than you had hoped for ;-)


  1. I love that you posted these photos! You're not the only one who didn't get to start the year with a freshly vacuumed living room floor. Much love, peace and confetti to you for the new year.

  2. blogger ate my comment. ugh. in a nutshell: a week ago I had a sparkling clean house. Then my family gutted the office. I've totally got you beat on mess. Here's hoping the end result is worth it, it looks great on paper ;-p

    1. I think you get a free pass on housekeeping when you have remodeling happening! Stay sane friend!