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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Let It Snow | Poor Cape Cod


I have so many snow pics from this trip, but unfortunately my "Real" photos are going to be stuck on my camera till we get home, since my computer decided it also needed an [indefinite] vacation. May it rest in peace.

So here's a brief snow update and random smattering of photos from my iPad. 

1. I did not pack enough snow cloths and definitely packed too many girly boots and not enough practical ones ;-)

2. It's hard to take artistic snow photos when you are too much of a pansy to really go any further into the snow than the front porch.

3. Being snowed in and eating comfort food is not helping my battle against the vacation muffin top ;-)

4. I haven't seen this much snow since I was a kid. Some of the banks are halfway up people's houses!

5. The kids are in heaven.

6. I did go out and play with them a few times, and I definitely counted "helping dig a snow fort in a snow bank" as exercise on more than one occassion.

7. The pellet stove and Sam Adams are extra comforting after playing in the snow.

8. I remember Cape Cod being much sunnier than this. But it's also been super fun to be snowed in with three generations of our family, including five kids under the age of 6, enjoying the warmth of the new living room addition.

These pictures are all a week or so old... Cass & Mike and the kids are home and Grandma and Grandpa flew back earlier this week. But as we hunker down for some more snow-ice-rain-junk tonight and tomorrow, here are some shot of last week's Aiduk/Logue/Williams reunion! 

Stay warm everyone!



  1. Sounds like just the vacation i'd order up (sans snow!)

    1. Yeah besides the snow we are having a great time!