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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Once Upon A Time...

...my husband asked me what I thought about him going into the Air Force. I believe my first response was "HECK NO".

That was Memorial Day '09. Jesse leaves for Basic Training this Monday. God has a sense of humor, that's for sure. Jess was unemployed and had just finished up another semester at the community college. He wanted a degree, needed a job, and didn't want to go into debt. That's when a friend recommended he think about the AF. I guess the rest is history! :o) We thought about it long and hard...prayed a lot and asked other people what they thought. In the end this seemed like a great way to get that that job and the degree,too!

Jesse got a perfect score on the ASVAB and was enlisted back in January. Then we found out he'd be shipping to Basic May 4th and training as a weather guy after that (we're still not quite sure what that means!).

So here we go! In just a few short days (sniff, sniff) I'll be saying goodbye to my best friend so he can go get his butt kicked at Boot Camp for eight and a half weeks. (Lily and I are living back with my parents...in my old room actually!) And after that, we're off to Biloxi, Mississippi in the middle of the summer!

And after that, who knows? :o)


  1. I want to come visit you in Mississippi!!
    And, did you ever get anyone to do a banner for this blog? 'cause, if not, I'd volunteer. :o)

  2. I'm kind of jealous...I always wanted to be a "weather guy" (meteorologist sounds a lot better). For years I teased Lisa that after marine biology and nursing I was going back to school to be a weather man. I guess I can live my dream vicariously through Jesse.

  3. You guys will have so much fun I'm sure! This will be such a great experience to have as best friends and partners forever :) I pray every day that you will be blessed and feel God's love and grace as you both serve in your roles...and that Jesse (and you) will bring great things into the Air Force! Feel God's strength under you and the pride of a soon to be Lieutenant as he watches some of his best friends and siblings in Christ take this leap of faith. See you soon!

  4. Tai - I have no idea what a banner is. I'm guessing it's something cool and you can totally do it! :o)

  5. Dude, Nicole, let's!
    And Jess...it's something that would go at the top of the blog, where you have the quote...except it would have a picture/fancy text.

  6. reading backwards, so now I see that you're not in MS yet. You'll like it, except for the whole humidity thing! there are some pretty good thrift stores on the main road between the AF base and the Navy base, and the beach is very nice as long as you don't mind icky water. I can't recommend any churches down there (ours was about 30" away in Pass Christian), but I did hear good things about the base chapel to at least get you started. My DH says the AF is definitely the "cushiest" of the military brances, so good pick!

  7. hehehe - since you are on 'sabbatical' from blogging while you move into your apartment in Germany, I decided to go back to the beginning and begin again! so today is May 2nd ('11) and Osama bin Laden was killed yesterday by Navy Seals - - and I'm thankful that Jesse didn't get that super-high-clearance-covert-ops job that he was hoping for before he got into the AF. have I mentioned lately that I.MISS.YOU!!!!