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Monday, May 3, 2010

Off He Goes into the Wild Blue Yonder

60 days till I see my best friend again.

Jesse called me a few hours ago to let me know he was safe in Syracuse. We had a great day yesterday at the going away party. We spent the evening together, sitting by the river, saying goodbye to friends, and going on a late night Friendly's date.

I wasn't even a basket-case when it came time for Jesse and I to say goodbye this morning. I helped him finish getting ready and drove him to Horseheads at noon. He was picking on me that I was "trying to get rid of him" because I was holding it together so well. He was saying, "what no tears?", because I was actually rather cheery! We prayed and he kissed both of his girls goodbye. I did get a little weepy when I saw him go inside and knew I wouldn't see him again for a long long time. But I made it through without a meltdown, which I'm sure is because of all the prayers we've been covered in!

He's off to Texas tomorrow afternoon! As for me, staying busy is the name of the game! :o)

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  1. reading this today (5/2/11) reminded me of *why* you wanted to be together during the house-search in Germany and also of how much fun it was for us (your parents) to have you and Lily-bear here with us for last summer! I miss you!