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Friday, May 21, 2010

Adjusting Expectations

I learned two things this morning. One, they're letting Jesse use his cell phone to call me. (This is great because then he won't have to wait in line for the pay phones.) Two, they can be real jerks sometimes.

Like today when they needed Jess to have me mail some paperwork overnight. No problem. Except that you can't really count a ten second conversation with the husband you haven't heard from in almost two and a half weeks as "calling home". I got all excited and was totally bummed when I realized by the tone of voice that this was a business call and he wasn't allowed to talk. So he took care of the business, told me he loved me, and had to go.

I was kind of left feeling robbed. And annoyed. And super disappointed! I mean COME ON Air Force! I don't even know if he's okay! (Well that's exaggerating a bit because he sounded just fine on the phone, besides the whole rushed part. He sounded confident...not sad or bullied or disouraged or any of that...so I guess that's good news.)

Air Force Wife Lesson #1 - Deal with it darlin. Nobody cares. Take one for the team and quit your whinning. :o)

My husband's got a job to do and the AF isn't real worried about me right now. And I need to remember that the stuff we heard through the grapevine isn't always true (example - "he'll get to call once a week") so don't fuss when it turns out different than you expect.

I'm proud of Jesse and I'm still so glad we're doing this. But that doesn't mean I'm not counting down the days till graduation (42!!!) when basic will be OVER! :o)


  1. You are brave Dahlin'! And much more spiritually mature than m-i-l would be under the same circumstances!
    How's little miss bottoms up? : )

  2. oh and what more could they possibly have to know about jesse that they don't already??

  3. Thanks MIL. I guess he didn't know he needed to bring a copy of my license. (That dang recruiter probably forgot to tell him yet another important detail) So I expressed it...$18! Good grief. Although, on the bright side, I DID get to talk to him, which might not have happened otherwise :o) It was worth $18. I just hope he's not in trouble! Extra pushups and yelling don't sound fun.

  4. another lesson that was HUGE for me: if he comes home in a bad mood, 9 times out of 10 it has NOTHING to do with you and you cannot fix it and he doesn't really want to talk about work at home! Soon enough it'll blow over and he'll be back to "normal" again, and grateful that you're not bugging him to tell you what's wrong every 10 seconds.

    gee that sounded like my H came home in a bad mood every day. not true!

  5. Thanks Em! I'll remember that...or try to :o)

  6. Can I just say...glad to see some good lessons learned! ;) The one in the post and the comment one...both small things with huge impact! :)