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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

To my Moms

I love my Moms. Just so we're all clear here...this blog has been created mostly with Linda Rawleigh and Toni Aiduk in mind. Most of the posts are going to be for them...since I know we're going to break both of their hearts when we leave for Mississippi in July. I'm sure everyone else will enjoy the posts, at least most of them. But some of them you might wonder "why is she sharing such boring information or SO MANY PICTURES of her kids?" and the answer would be that this is for the best two Grandmas my little Aiduks could ask for. I want them to be able to see all of our doings...even the boring every day stuff. So if the blog gets a little lame for you, I'll totally understand and feel free to skim or even skip ;o)

I love you Mom. I love you Mom-in-Law. I'm so blessed. You both rock...sniff...sniff...

*Donations to the "fly-Lily's-Grandmas-to-Mississippi-once-a-month" fund are now being taken!!*


  1. aww . . . I love you too . . . forever! but I am confused, I thought if I was following your blog it would send me an e-mail if you updated the blog (which is not happening) I guess you will just have to let me know (on FB) when you update!

  2. This gramma (for one) is certainly happy that you have not taken too many stinking breaks from posting SO MANY PICTURES of my grandbabies . . . because I LOVE them and MISS them a whole lot!