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Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I got some mail from Lackland this week! And it contained a whole packet of info that made me very happy! It was the schedule for Jesse's graduation, which is a whole day earlier than I'd thought! Plus, there are ceremonies the day BEFORE his graduation that we get to attend on the base, and THEN we get to spend some time with him!


It looks like Mark, Toni, LJ, and I will leave for San Antonio on Tuesday. Then we'll be ready for the fun stuff on Wednesday. Events include the "Airman's Run" (which sounds funny to me...I guess we get to watch him run by in unit formation...do you think I'm allowed to bring a sign - JESSE ROCKS - ??), the Airman's Coin Ceremony (no clue on that one), and the Honor Graduate and Top Physical Readiness Ceremonies. Then comes my favorite part...base liberty for the rest of the day until 8pm! Base liberty means that he gets to hang out with us as long as we stay on base! YAY!!!

Thursday July 1st will be his actual graduation. I guess there will be a graduation parade (I hope they throw candy!) followed by my next favorite part...TOWN PASS until 8pm. This means that Jesse is free to come off base with us and go exploring in San Antonio! Double YAY!

Then he gets town passes for both Friday and Saturday from 9am to 8pm. I'm so floored about all this time we get to spend with him...I totally wasn't expecting it! And then Sunday he has base liberty all day but we'll have to leave him alone for most of the day because that's when we fly home.

So basically, only 5 more weeks till I see my best friend again. (Or 35 days if you want specifics!)

In other news, Jesse's into week 3 and it looks like the big things they work on this week are Self Aid/Buddy Care. Serious medical training to know how to take care of all kinds of wounds and injuries on their own. This is great news for me, since Jesse and I agreed as soon as I got pregnant with Lil that I would handle the barf and poop but wouldn't be cool with the blood. So not only is he stuck with injury duty, but he'll actually know what he's doing! :o)

That's all for now. I'm off to Pookie's to hopefully get lucky and find some maternity clothes that actually fit!


  1. don't mean to completely burst your bubble, but if his unit is having trouble they might revoke some or all of the liberty passes, or restrict them. Just to warn you so it's not a complete blindside!! Other than that, it looks like you get to spend waaay more time than Navy family does with your man, so yay!

    do you sew at all? there are tons of patterns/tutorials out there for maternity clothes right now, esp. recrafted from other clothes.

  2. Ugh you totally did burst my bubble...I was hoping that if he makes it to graduate on time he'd be free and clear. Oh well, thanks for the reality check :o)

    I sew very minimally...very. I'd like to get into it more but probably not anytime soon. Mostly I hit oldnavy.com for sales and the local consignment shop that I can sometimes find good stuff at. Where to you look for patterns and such?

  3. Providing it all goes as planned... yay! :D Speaking of maternity clothes... I have two tops here that I picked up for Cassie but never mailed them to her (Sorry Cass!). They are Mediums. If I remember (that is a BIG IF) I'll bring them to church. If I don't, it's all up to you to remember. :P