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Thursday, June 10, 2010


I just talked to a very helpful gentleman down at Keesler AFB, where we'll be moving. I was wondering if anyone could give me an idea of when Jesse might be able to get housing arranged for us to move down. At this point I've just been guessing and crossing my fingers about early July (knowing full well that was probably wishful thinking!). I found out a few good things from him. First, the guys are not allowed off the base right away...sometimes the earliest is two weeks. And the base housing is actually not on base. Sometimes it takes even longer than that. So it's pretty safe to assume at this point that we won't be moving until mid/late-July.

While I'm a little disappointed, I'm glad to have a better idea. And this timing also works out better for my parents, who are going to drive our truck down for me so I can fly with LJ (God bless em!). God is in control and I'm totally trusting him.

I also found out a prayer request. Apparently the weather school is very difficult and has a high wash out rate. While I have full confidence in Jesse's ability to get through it, I'm sure it will be challenging and he'll need lots of prayer. The guy also told me that this means that I shouldn't expect to move sooner than three weeks after he gets there because they make the guys wait to see if they'll make it in the school before they let them get settled into housing. Makes sense. But a bit of a bummer. Oh well, another chance for my guy to shine :o)

PS: TWENTY DAYS till I see him!!!!!!!!!


  1. later the better, heat-wise! If you get there before housing is arrange, they'll put you up in temporary housing (hotel-ish), so not the worst situation. You won't be out in the cold, and you won't be paying for it as long as you jump through all the hoops...

    Keesler is pretty big, it'll take him 2 weeks to get oriented before he even wants off base!

    I just remembered that my H went to a mega-church near keesler a few times when he was still in the barracks (before we were married) that he said was ok if you're interested. The real life of that church is in the small groups, which were always at bad times for his schedule.

    hooray for countdowns!

    ~mira (not the H)

  2. I know God will provide everything that you need. I am praying for you guys. What a journey of faith this is. So very interesting to read about... I had no idea that it was this involved. Crazy, thank you for your honesty and sharing such a tough journey with the rest of the world! :]

    All of you are in the Lord's hands! God bless, praying for you as you continue to prep for the graduation!

  3. Thanks for the tips Em! And thanks for the encouragement Victoria!

  4. This adventure is chock block full of opportunities to trust God! Thanks for sharing and keeping us posted about what's going on...very much appreciated. =) and being able to pray more informed is a blessing! Timing is all His, Jessica...