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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Reality Check

Here's Lily with my brand new military ID. We went on a little road trip to Williamsport, PA to get it yesterday. And as I walked into the Army Reserve Center and was greated by a uniformed soldier, I started to realize that I have a lot to get used to. Actually getting an ID with my name and picture on it made the reality of this adventure set in a little. This is serious! My husband is really in the Air Force!

I haven't heard from him yet, except for two letters that came with some paperwork I needed. I hope and pray that the lack of a phone call last weekend doesn't mean more bad news for his flight's ability to work together. They have a tough week coming up next week and they really need to be able to work together well...it's called Beast Week! The past week, and this week, he's done some crazy stuff like going through a tear gas chamber, doing a serious obstacle course, and practicing his hand to hand combat against fellow trainees. I can't wait to hear an update from him...hopefully soon!

I officially have all my shopping done for the graduation week, including dresses for Lily and myself, and the perfect shoes for me! (I've been hunting for a pair that was dressy enough for graduation but comfy enough to wear all week so I can pack light...and I had success!) I also colored my hair dark brown at Jesse's request. So I'm basically ready for San Antonio...just waiting to hear that he's definitely graduating July 1st! :o)

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