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Friday, June 18, 2010

So Close

In less than a week LJ and I will be headed to Cape Cod and then in another less than a week we'll all be flying to SAN ANTONIO!!! :o)

I got a letter from Jesse today...quite a pleasant surprise! He wrote it Sunday, so it filled me in a little on how he was doing before Beast week started. A bunch of the guys have been sick, one even with pnemonia (who will have to graduate a week late because of it). Jess said he wasn't feeling good but was toughing it out instead of going to "sick call" because he knew if they thought it was bad they would keep him too long and he'd get recycled, too. So on the one hand, I'm proud of him for being such a tough guy...mostly cause I'm a sissy when it comes to being sick so I admire his determination. Especially since Beast is supposed to be so tough. On the other hand, I'm afraid he's really really sick but too stubborn to admit it and will cough up a lung on the battlefield and die. But hopefully it's not been that bad - I'm sure I'd have been notified! :o) And he also mentioned that if they do well this week they'll get a long weekend phone call. Still up and mostly down with the flight's ability to work well, so no promises on the call. But he sounds good otherwise.

Here's my belly. 16 weeks now, and the midwife says Peanut #2 is doing great. Due date is Nov 27.

And here's the Rawleigh-Aiduk sisters on a last sister date before Bethany heads off to camp on Sunday. We stayed the night with Beth's adopted college family and then hung out at the mall. Lily had her first Chinese buffet experience, which she greatly enjoyed.

And here's Miss Lily being a cutie and playing under my chair. Wierd kid.

Well that's all for now. I can't believe BMT is almost over! YAY!


  1. thanks Jess. have been wondering how he's doing... like you, i will be sooo glad when this is over. i lost track of weeks and didn't remember this was beast week - ugh!!! Oh, btw - Miss Lily is a cutie and playing under a chair is both creative and ingenious in the grandmother's book!!!

  2. She must get it from the Aiduk side ;o)