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Monday, June 21, 2010

Counting Down

Ten more days people!

AND I got to talk to my Love again tonight! The *thoughtful* AF gave him some extra time to chat because of Father's Day :o) And no, I'm not still bitter that he couldn't call me on Mother's Day ;o) But enough of that...he sounds great. Beast week wasn't that bad...apparently fun at times! Unless some strange desire to act up comes upon him or his flight, we will see him June 30th and he will graduate July 1st!

He's still a little sick, but he didn't sound it. Just a lingering chest cough that only bothers him at night. He didn't seem too bothered about it. He's getting pretty excited about seeing us and getting to Keesler. Apparently he'll be able to call us more regularly until we get down there...he says every night but I'm a smart Air Force Wife now so I'm not holding my breath! :o) Anything will be better than the handful of updates we've gotten during BMT!

So just his tests, some classes, and lots of practicing drill (I can't fill anyone in here cause I have no clue what that really is yet!) for graduation!

Lily and I will be driving out to Cape Cod Wednesday evening. I'm hoping that by traveling while she's usually sleeping she won't be a terrorist about it...so pray that she snoozes the whole way and that I DONT snooze! We'll get to spend some time with Aunt Cassie and cousin Zave, and of course "Grandfatha" and Grandma Aiduk! And then on Tuesday the 29th Gpa, Gma, LJ, and I are on our way to Texas! And after that the adventure really begins!

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