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Monday, June 28, 2010


"Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya tomorrow..."

Tomorrow we are on our way with Mark and Toni to San Antonio, TX! We'll get to see Jesse on Wednesday and Lily can give him this big, crooked, toothy grin that I love! :o)

I can't believe that BMT is almost over! I talked to him briefly last night and everything sounds good. He was much more chatty about things...the most like his normal self that I've heard so far. It's amazing that we get to see him soon! I'm SOOOOO thankful that the time flew by. Now for the wrap up, graduation, and transition to Mississippi! Here we go!

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  1. as I'm reading this while you are 'moving in' in Germany (May 4, 2011) I am struck by how few pictures of LJ you posted in the early days . . . and by how much she has grown up! [well, and by how adorable the picture in this post is!]