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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Moving Craziness

Jesse and I talked on the phone this evening and we both agreed that planning a cross-country-military-move is a lot of work! We'll both be glad when all of us, and all of our stuff, are safe in one place again...which will only happen if I don't forget something major at my parents! ;o)

I'm just finishing the last minute things I needed to do before tomorrow, then off to bed. It'll be a long day, but a great one. We're picking up the truck, getting it weighed, loading it, weighing it again, and then (hopefully) taking a NAP! :o) And then the girls will be home from camp and we're having Rawleigh family dinner night at Atlas - my favorite pizza place in Corning!

Sunday I'll kiss my parents and my stuff goodbye (for now) and they'll head down to Biloxi without me! My plane leaves Tuesday morning! I can't wait!!!!!

Is this really happening? :o)

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