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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Heart Link

Last Thursday I went to a class called "Heart Link". It is kind of an orientation to the military for spouses. I'm so glad I went! (Shout out to Caitlin Loftus, my friend from Mass who came down to visit her boyfriend for the weekend and happened to be available to watch Lily that day! She put up with a lot of crying and fussing for me to go!)

They gave us tons of goodies, food, free stuff, and coffee. We played a game and I won some water park tickets that Jesse and I are planning on using to pay babysitters in the future! And they gave us TONS of information! I'm glad most of it was written down in packets and such, because I'm still processing things, and I can always refer back to the booklets. I got to meet some new gals: Tiffany is an officer's wife and she's been here at Keesler for a year and a half. She has a 5 and 1/2 month son so we have a little in common! And Bethanne actually lives right in my neighborhood and is even more new than me!! Her husband is also in tech school (enlisted, like Jesse) and she just moved into Thrower Park a week ago. Also, the new General's wife sat at my table! She was super sweet and very open with us about Air Force life. They just relocated here three weeks ago, so she's still learning the area...you should have seen her eyes pop when we started talking about cockroaches! :o)

It was pretty cool because they actually gave us a coin! The really wanted us to understand our importance as military spouses...the impact we have. The General spoke about how he saw us as an extension of his military members...that taking care of us was just as important to him as taking care of them. And they gave us lots of info on where to get help when we need it.

The big things I took away from the class: I'm not alone. There are a ton of young wives that feel exactly the same way I do and as soon as I get settled it'll be easy to find them and connect. And Jesse needs me. I already knew this of course :o) but I was reminded to look at my role as wife in a different light. Jesse needs me in different ways now during his military career. And I'm glad I get to be here for him! Being flexible and understanding is taking some getting used to. Setting my alarm for 3:15am so he doesn't oversleep is also taking some getting used to! :o) But this is what he needs, and I'm here for him!

I'm also reminded that I never mentioned another big thing our Air Force Adventure has taught me so far: GRATITUDE for my man. Being away from Jesse for three months really helped to give me some perspective on what's important. It helped me to realize what I take for granted and how I need to be more thankful for the simple things...like TIME with Jesse :o) I hope that this has made me a more cheerful, helpful, playful, and supportive wife!

And here's Lily. She's wondering why I chose to get us caught in a huge thunderstorm on our way home from getting some groceries. Oops. Poor little drowned rat. Don't worry, she got a warm bath when we got home! :o)


  1. WAP! (trans - what a post!) Read it the other evening and just re-read it - Jessica, I don't think I will ever be able to tell you enough how grateful I am for you, that you are the woman that God chose to love my son and to become a part of our family. So, through my tears of gladness and sadness, I will repeat myself at the risk of tiring you - I am grateful and love you very much. So glad that the Lord has you and Jesse back together and that He is connecting you with other ladies to relate with.
    And LJ will likely get caught in many more thunderstorms - maybe even come to like them! I guess at this point, water in the ocean and tub is different than water from the sky! [and maybe I'm partial ;) but she's the cutest darn "drowned rat" I've seen to date!]

  2. Also, the coin is pretty cool - and much better looking than Jesse's!! Sounds like you had a nice time... (may I say, I'm not just a little jealous of the babysitter! and already envious of future sitters!)

  3. Aw Toni. I love you. You're the best MIL a girl could ask for! Thanks for the encouragement! And you can fly down and babysit any time you want! ;o) Miss you!

  4. I know all about setting the alarm at 3:15 a.m.! I'm glad you are getting in the swing of things :)