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Saturday, August 21, 2010

"Let me see your dead cockroach!"

NO ONE TOLD ME ABOUT THESE SUCKERS! I came downstairs on a bright sunshine-y morning the other day to look up into the corner of my living room and see THIS THING! My first thought was, "That has to be the biggest bug I've ever seen!" Now, I'm a Camp Cherith girl so I've seen a lot of bugs in my life, but my second thought was, "Is that...uh...a...COCKROACH?" Ew. I snapped a pic to prove to Jesse how ginormous it was! (You know how everyone thinks girls exaggerate the size of the bug like guys exaggerate the size of fish!) Then I went about trying to decide what to do. Should I squash it? (Too much crunch) Leave it? (Too icky) Catch it? YES! Let me try to catch it!

Well, that didn't work out so well. And in the process I let out a war-cry that my neighbors may have confused with a shriek of terror...that freaked out the baby, who then also let out a war-cry, which sounds similar to crying. And Bug-zilla escaped. Alas.

A google image search confirmed my suspicions that it's cockroach-like appearance was because it was in fact a cockroach. Ick. Wikipedia promised that the things like to drown in a little bit of beer in a tall glass bottle. They lied. I know this because I set up three of these little traps and wasted a whole bottle of beer...and four days later we woke up to what may have been a drunk cockroach, twitching upside-down on the living room floor.

Here he is. Ick.

Well, all this goes to say that I'm learning to accept that, here in Mississippi, you share your home with these nasty things (there have been two other sightings) but that they actually don't bother you. And they don't eat small children. SO besides maybe picking up a few cans of bug-killer, I'm no longer losing sleep over their presence. It's still gross. But what can I do? :o)

It also helps that the night after the first sighting of Bug-zilla, my husband was FINALLY able to move out of the dorms and into our house. Something about the presence of a big strong man just helps a girl sleep better at night...despite the fact that a cockroach may be eating her fresh baked bread downstairs! :o) Ick.

The End.


  1. hahahahahahahahahaah so awful/funny/awful...
    couple of things - great that they don't eat children, however, we will hope that they move to fast for children to...
    and, i've been told - that everything (read: food, dishes etc...) should be stored in the fridge!

  2. It might make you feel better to know that they're amongst the cleanest (and I'm sure you learned...the fastest) bugs on earth. They also can survive inordinate amounts of maltreatment. I did a research project on them in my entomology course in college. It was able to survive in a closed jar with poison for months. They're amazing creatures...in a super gross way.

  3. Toni, yes I hope that Lily never gets ahold of one! And Hilary...clean bugs? Do tell! I definitely knew they were fast and hardy, just recently learned they can squeeze through amazingly small cracks to escape you! But clean...hmmm. And hey, send me that rice and bean recipe when you get a chance!

    Toni AND Hil, I hope both of you have great starts to your semester!

  4. Thanks Jess!
    and a conversation about roaches ending with a request for a recipe is a little unsettling - in the stomach area!! Funny stuff

  5. (5/9/11) - - I wonder what new kinds of creatures you will have to learn to live with in Germany!?!?! Don't know if they could get any worse than bug-zilla!

  6. *Shudders* Well. Wouldn't you know. Today, I pulled a TICK off of myself! AAAAAAAAAK! Yeah. I'll fill you in later, but I'm totally freaked out! ;o)