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Monday, August 30, 2010

Hello Hurricane

I'm READY for a hurricane!

Okay, not really. But this is my "hurricane kit"...and it's pretty lame, but what do they expect from a Yankee? :o) They gave me a ton of lists (both the city of Biloxi and Keesler) of what's helpful to have on hand...but we decided not to go too crazy because we were also told at the same time that you don't use your emergency supplies all that often. I guess the kit is more for if you lose power for any length of time, but aren't being evacuated...but as my new friend Bethanne and I agreed, why on earth would we want to stock up on tons of food and water to stay here during a crazy storm? We both plan to head north if we're expected to live on cold soup for any length of time! :o) (North as in my Uncle and Aunt in Alabama, not as in a visit home, just so no one gets unnecessarily excited up there!)

Well anyways...my favorite part of this hurricane kit is the Oreos, obviously! :o) My second favorite part is that we're going to probably just eat it all and have a big hurricane feast after hurricane season is over (because we'll probably not need to use this stuff!) Just as well, because I'm pretty sure we'd die of a sugar high anyways!

I do need a first aid kit, though. Not as much for hurricane preparation, but more because Lily seems to be accident-prone! :o) I should get on that...

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  1. (5/9/11) . . . glad glad glad that you never had to use your hurricane kit! although, where was it stored? did you have it in the laundry room during the tornado!?!?!? hahaha Also funny - I'm realizing through reading these old posts that you didn't post enough pictures of Lily in the early days of the blog! I'm glad you changed that later on, but it's making me impatient to see the girl(s) again!!!