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Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Happy "Birthday" to Lily, who has officially been out longer than she was in...the uh...womb :o) 10 months today. Amazing how fast she went from squishy ball of cuteness to big tall crawling giggling mini person! Still a ball of cuteness. And here's an update on how she's doing...

But before we get to that can we all give a round of applause to Jesse Aiduk for buying me a new laptop? NOW instead of sitting on the floor so I can reach the keyboard and mouse that are attached to the computer that is attached to the 47 inch TV, I can sit comfy on the couch...or in my bed as the case is right now :o)

Clap, clap, CLAP!!!

Okay, so he didn't *really* buy the laptop JUST for me :o) But I am still very excited about it! And we can still clap for him because he told me last night he has babysitters (two girls from his class) all lined up for Friday night so we're going OUT!!! OUT WITHOUT LILLIAN!!! OUT A-L-O-N-E!!! :o) I'm pretty excited about that, too.

On to Lily. This is her new favorite thing to do before mealtimes. She sees me a the counter or stove and crawls over, usually whimpering and whining the whole way (as if she's starved or something silly), climbs up at the table, and sits there whimpering and whining either until Jesse gets her or until I get her cause dinner's ready. I notice it most at dinner cause that takes the longest meal prep...and maybe I can kid myself that she's just so stinkin excited to taste the yummy food she can smell cooking...not that she's an impatient little snot... :o) Interesting to note that she crawls to the closest side of the table even though her high chair is on the other side and we always always sit over there.

Reading. There was once a time as a naive mom-to-be that I envisioned hours of reading with my little angel. Then she was born and slept all the time. Then she got bigger and wasn't interested yet. Then she got a little bit bigger and was interested...as long as she was chewing on the book. But hallelujah! Now she likes me to read to her! :o) She even has a few favorites that she'll actually go grab out of her book basket over and over. And over. And over. And over. In fact I think I can recite the one to ya..."Five little honeybees ready to explore, one buzzed away leaving only four! Four little honeybees..." You get the picture (and no I didn't cheat) And yes I was totally the kid who made my parents re-read my favorites a million times. Karma ;o) Oh, and the other funny thing about her new obsession with books is that she thinks I'm a multi-tasking-superhero or something because she tries to get me to read two books at once. Literally. She hands me one and I start then she hands me the other so I think she wants that one. But as soon as I start it she's reaching for the first one. Really kid? Really? :o)

Bathtime. She used to cry all through her baths so they were always fast and infrequent. But she finally likes them, which is great cause she's getting dirtier these days. (You know you need to mop your floor again when your kid's knees are black after a morning of crawling around!) She loves splashing and playing and waving at me. She hates getting rinsed and getting out. This is tricky, since both are such important parts of bathtime! :o) I mean, what does she want...for me to just leave her sitting there with soap on her head until she shrivels up like a prune???

Yes, Momma, yes. That's exactly what I want!


  1. I just got a new laptop too!! I love it!! We decided that I hadn't ever gotten a computer in all my years in college, through all my degrees, that I never had a laptop for my school use. It's so nice to be able to do work on the sofa again! Jeremy also promised that he wouldn't download a ton of programs to slow it down.

  2. Jesse laughed at your comment about Jeremy loading computers with junk. (Well I laughed,too) We can totally relate to that *issue* in this family :o) Congrats on the new laptop!