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Monday, November 12, 2012

I Give Up. Again. But I'm Okay with It This Time

Nighttime diapers.  For both girls.  I'm kind of ashamed to admit that I'm not even using cloth!  And I'm giving "princess panties" (aka pull-ups) a try... doesn't seem very earth-momma of me.

It's hard for me to admit that my 3yo just can't handle panties at night.

It's also hard for me that I have all these great cloth diapers that I can only use during naps because both girls seem to think 12 hours is a long time to sit in their own pee at night.  Skin issues result.  Momma feels bad.  Cloth gets restricted to short uses.  Bummer.

But it's not a competition.  Though we parents often make it seem that way with our constant comparisons.  I can't MAKE my child use the bathroom at night.  I know... I've tried!

The pull-ups were a long shot.  But Lily just pees AND poops right in them without even attempting to use the potty. So we're probably just going to use up the "trial" pack I bought and that will be the end of it for now.

But I'm looking at the bright side!  I have two kids who are almost 100% good to go in big girl panties during the day. Sam has never had an accident outside of the home (knock on wood) and both are doing great at home.

Another huge plus: I have less pee-pee laundry to do and Lily isn't covered in her own grossness all night.  Which helps me sleep better at night, too.

I will try again in a few months with Lily at night... but the holidays are busy enough without having the stress of potty training battles.  So for now, we'll just keep it simple with diapers.

You win this time Lily.

This is how I found them the other day.  Lily taught Sam to take off her pajamas.  An awesome skill.  I'm just counting my lucky stars they decided to leave the diapers on.

These pictures are all from that same morning.  Pajamas off, diapers on, and apparently Lily found that I had left two pairs of leg warmers out and she decided to put them on :o) 

My silly little monkeys.  I just love 'em to pieces.  Even when they refuse to pee in the potty at night.  


  1. Oh Jess- do NOT feel bad! First off I LOVE the pictures! The first one with you holding the diapers is awesome! I love how your nail polish pops! Secondly- I've learned you have to do what you can to remain sane. Sometimes that means doing things that are a little bit easier. Titus has never been able to wear cloth to bed because he would always soak through no matter what I tried. He will sometimes even soak through a night time diaper!

    Don't worry about the girls still needing diapers at night. Chances are they will at some point start waking up dry. You could try cutting down on their fluids a few hours before bed to see if that would help. Having them day time toilet trained is AMAZING!!! Titus totally could do it but doesn't want to and since forcing it could cause things like constipation and other issues I'm waiting and encouraging. Oh and praying he decides to do it soon! :o)

    1. Thanks! The first pic is actually my first self-portrait. I could have had J take it, but I want to learn how to use my timer better... it was a fun little mini photo shoot to get the shot I wanted. Glad you like it ;o)

      I'm not too worried about the diapers. Just longing for them to be a thing of the past. Said every single mom in the whole history of the world. Patience was never my favorite virtue!

  2. Jess, you can pretty much expect the girls to go diaperless to bed by age 13!! JK- it'll be waaayyy before then. I am glad to hear that you are making it a little easier on yourself...there's enough other stuff to 'worry' about. xoxoxox

    1. Exactly :o) especially before the holidays. Peace is better. And less pee!

    2. On my hands I mean. We still have the same amount of pee ;o)

  3. If it makes you feel better, it took Sanna forevvveeerrrrr to be fully potty trained. It wasn't until she was almost 5 that she quit wetting the bed (lots of times she'd crawl in bed with me and then I'd wake up in the middle of the night soaked :P), and at 4 she abhorred pooping in the potty....even though M&D had trained 5 of us before her.

    1. WOW! This actually makes me feel A LOT better! Ha! Thanks for sharing! (Also pardon me for snickering about you getting peed on)