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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Technology rocks

So we FINALLY have internet. It took forever and turned into a really long complicated story that I won't bore you with. BUT it's nice to finally be able to check email and fb and blogs and such!

Oh, my whole address is:
243 McNarney Dr
Biloxi, MS 39531

Update on the Airman: he had a CRAZY busy week and is *hopefully* going to relax a little this weekend...although he keeps adding to his list of things he wants to get done! His tech school starts at 6am and he doesn't finish till 3:30pm. Three days a week he has PT at 4am!!! AND on top of all that he had a major test this week plus Airman Leader training till 5:30pm! Good news: he got the top grade in his class on the test and his training is done for the most part. Now he'll be a "Rope" (which probably stands for something...?) so he's basically going to be a peer overseer of certain things in his squadron. It's more responsibility and work (volunteer) but it's a really great experience and I'm proud of him for taking it on...especially with everything else on his plate! He wasn't able to get all the paperwork through to live off-base with us, yet, but it should happen sometime this week. And he's allowed to spend the weekend with us so we're definitely enjoying that!

Update on the wife: the adjustment hasn't been that bad at all! It's hot, but not unbearably so. Plus, we have ac so we just stay inside most of the time. I'm finding plenty of time to whip this house into our home. And it's great because we have so much space here! We still have piles of boxes, but they're mostly piled off in corners now. And I have all the main rooms unpacked. (I had lots of help from my parents!). There's still plenty to do and lots to organize, but I actually really enjoy it so don't feel bad for me! :o) I like the area and the base from what I've seen. And this week I signed up for a day-long briefing for new AF spouses! I'm really looking forward to meeting some people and having some questions answered! AND my friend Caitlin will be down visiting her boyfriend and she'll be staying with us, which I'm super excited about!

Update on the girls: LJ adjusted to our new time zone and crazy schedule like a flexible little pro! She's been so great! And Sam is kicking and squirming all over in there...I love it! I'm hoping to get both Lily and myself in for doctors appointments soon. But that's probably a project for next week! Oh, Lily loves showing off her newest tricks: waving and smooching!

I think that's all for now. Baby should be up soon, but I might be able to crank out some dishes or a few boxes first! :o)


  1. It's so nice to read about how you 4 are doing! Thanks for the update. I'm assuming you'll post pics when you get more time? ;) Love you!!!

  2. Haha yeah it'll be a bit...our computer needs some work and I want to get the house a little more set up. But I'm thinking a "here's my house" video tour! :o). Oh, and don't you judge me for typing this whole thing out on my 2 inch iPod screen! :o)

  3. Whew - so much packed into so little time! (For both of you!) So grateful to hear how the Lord is blessing your family. It sounds like you have both recuperated from the infamous plane trips down!
    Does Lil attend the whole day briefing with mom? What could they possibly say that will take all day?! You'll have to fill us in on that agenda! Love you guys