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Monday, August 16, 2010

My House

To all those who are drooling for more pictures of the house: sorry. Not yet! :o) But while you so *patiently* wait for me to get my photography-act together, I thought I'd tell you about some of my favorite features.

Location: it's on a cul de sac. I really like this because it seems very private and safe. This is especially helpful to my mental state right now, as I'm still home alone at nights, which usually freaks me out anyways. But this neighborhood is nice. And how un-safe can you be surrounded by a sharp pointy fence with scary "if you enter this USAF facility unauhorized we'll come after you" signs all over? Yeah, I'm totally safe. AND Jesse should be moving out of the dorms by the end of the week!

Laundry room: I love that it's not in a basement :o) And I will love it even more when we can put a washer and dryer in it! ;o)

Bathrooms: there are two and a half! Which means THREE toilets! Which means there's no way Jesse and I can get in one of those "hurry up I have to go! Didn't you just go? I'm pregnant leave me alone!" arguments! :o) Three toilets also seems a little excessive for a family of three when one of us still pees in a diaper :o) so for the most part, I'm designating one a guest bathroom and hoping that by keeping the door closed I'll have to clean it less!

Kitchen/dining room/living room: is a very open floor plan! I love this because I can be working in the kitchen and still a part of what's going on in the other rooms!

Pantry: does this really need an explanation? It's awesome to have one again!

Walk in closet: again, explaination unnecessary. Except for that I've never had one and now I'm probably ruined for life! :o)

Well that's all for now! I promise a video tour or some pictures in a bit. But I don't promise to tell you how long a time "a bit" is ;o)

Oh, and I'm really excited about this week cause we have a guest coming AND it's a short week for Jesse so the weekend is going to be one glorious day longer!!! Yay!

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