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Monday, September 27, 2010

Mommy Mantra

"Crying is Cool - Crying is Cool - Crying is Cool"

This is what I'm now chanting to myself during particularly cry-filled-times of the day, like dinner prep. Here's why:

A) Crying is cool because that's what kiddos do. You can't always do anything about it. And sometimes that just has to be the soundtrack you listen to as you get a few things done. Like cooking dinner.

B) Crying is cool because I'm cool with it. Deep breath. Keep cooking dinner. Bedtime is on the horizon!

This is my new Mommy Mantra because I have a feeling lots of crying is in the forecast for my immediate future! :o) And Jesse isn't around for much of the day, or for things like dinner prep (sometimes he isn't even home for dinner!) and when Sam comes, when I finally start wanting to do things like cook dinner again ;o), then Lily and Sam are probably going to experience some periods of angst.

And that's okay. We'll all survive this crazy time! And laugh when we look back on it! Oh, and I'm totally considering teaching Jesse the mantra, too (although he's usually more chill about crying than I am about it) just so he's ready when he comes in the door to a houseful of his girls crying...myself included, as I'm sure there will be days!

Again, that's okay.


  1. Dear Lily, I like your shirt . . . I have been thinking about getting you another one (in a bigger size) that says the same thing! If I do, you will have to come and wear it while you are at Gramma's. love, gramma R.

  2. Crying...highly underrated - glad to see you so eloquently bringing the attention to it that it deserves ;) I can see how that mantra can be helpful all the way around...
    Mmmm - new book title: Baby Angst (subtitled) Crying is Cool

  3. I get you about the crying thing...it's so hard to listen to Katie do that when I have to plop her in her play yard to make dinner...I've even tried the infant seat so she can watch...but it's a no go! You and I are chanting the same mantra!

  4. Mom: I do love that shirt...very cute. Another would be welcome!

    MIL: Sequel: When Mommy Cracks (subtitled) Advice for Daddy when Mommy is Crying, too! ;o)

    Nicole: It's a good thing I like cooking, or I might not even bother, right?! :o) You're doing great! And your girl is looking even more cute with every fb picture post!

  5. Crying is an excellent workout for little ones too. Think of it as a really hearty cardio workout!

  6. Oh I forgot that we used to talk about that...how crying is a great workout! Even more reason to leave her be!