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Monday, September 27, 2010

Weekend Tidbits

Jesse worked at the squadron from 12am to 6am Saturday. He was tired. I would be, too.

Lily and I went to D'Iberville (next town over) to check out the super Walmart for grocery shopping, but I found that it wasn't actually much cheaper than the Commissary on the base. The thing I dislike about all the grocery stores around here is that they're not Wegman's. Apparently they don't want to do anything about that for me, so I'm just gonna have to deal. I'm hoping to have time to hit the Farmer's Market in Ocean Springs (next next town over) next weekend to get some real produce. (Sigh, oh Wegman's how I miss thee. And all your good selection. And good prices.)

I made stuffed peppers for dinner on Saturday night. I'm trying to keep the menu choices from getting stagnant...a problem of mine. I get into ruts. So I'm trying to do a new recipe each week. Or look back through my books for a good old one I haven't done in awhile. This week I'm actually trying two new things: buffalo chicken wraps tomorrow. (Stole that idea from a Smith friend of mine!) :o)

Lily drank a bunch of water, then leaned over and spit it up in my lap. It was just water, but it was cold, and uncalled for, and I wasn't too happy. But then her face made me laugh...she was fascinated by what had just occurred and kept touching the huge spot on my pants. Thanks, kid...I'm glad I could be a part of your experimentation with your environment. Anything for science.

Our pastor at church today shared that he and his wife have been trying to have a baby for ten years. I looked down at my belly and felt sad for them. I still feel sad. But he was preaching on jealousy (God's v. ours) and mentioned that we don't have to feel bad when we have what others want...God doesn't have to ration out his blessings, as if he only has so much to go around. He doesn't steal from others to give to me. I'd never thought of that. Also, he was commending his wife for being genuinely happy for other ladies when they get pregnant. And I have a lot to think about from his message, because I think I struggle with seeing my blessings properly. (i.e. I think I deserve them or I got them for myself, not that God gave them to me to point me to Christ and use me and my gratitude to point others to him, too)

It rained really hard this afternoon for a good two hours, so our lawn finally got a drink. I'm relieved, cause I didn't want to water it. And the weeds are relieved, cause they were wondering how they were going to grow again. Now they know.

The Pats won today. Finally. Last week was a bummer. I like watching football with my man.

Jesse brought me home a GIGANTIC strawberry milkshake tonight (on his way back from the base) and I made him two fried bologna sandwiches. Now for some more working on my magazine-sorting project. And he's studying. My job is more fun. The end.

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