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Friday, September 24, 2010


We'll go youngest to oldest here...

Sam (and her preggo Momma): She must be doing great because she is wiggling around and dancing like nobody's business in there! I'm so excited that she's almost here...a little over two months! I keep daydreaming about her birth...I'm not nearly as nervous as I was about LJ...obviously knowing what you're about to go through helps you feel better prepared! :o) I'm also really looking forward to being un-pregnant. Not to complain, since this was what I wanted. But somehow I forgot to consider that if I got knocked up back to back I'd be pregnant for...well...pretty much two years straight! At least that's what it feels like! :o) Maybe a break between these next two? Anyways, Sam. I will know more about her actual stats next Friday after we see the doctor. But she's doing great!

Lily: Story - I keep seeing this mom and her two small kids walking around the neighborhood and playing in the park. I mistakenly thought they were probably spaced about the same distance apart as LJ and Sam will be. Uh, no. They're almost 22 months apart! Why did I make this mistake? Because, as I just found out, Lily only weighs 15 lbs. Which is about the same as the 4-month-old baby boy. Oops. So she's got me all confused cause she's a peanut. Literally. But that's okay, because she's healthy and strong and hitting those milestones just fine (unless you count clothes sizes as a milestone...then she's a *bit* behind!). She's currently protesting alone time downstairs. And she is not a huge fan of trying to spoon feed herself...apparently she's not ready for that because she cried over the oatmeal this morning like I was breaking her heart. Which broke my heart. So I fed it to her. That's fine with me, too, because the neat-freak in me is NOT looking forward to her completely self-feeding! So I'm in no rush baby girl!

Jesse: Another busy week for him, but a good one. He started the second "element" this week...meaning his class got a new teacher who will take them through the next few months of material. So they're adjusting to a new instructor but otherwise it's pretty much the same. Rumor has it that they might be switching to a different shift (going to class at a completely different time...like 3pm to 12am!) but we're not sure on that so stay tuned. His Ropes duties are going well...he seems to be bonding with the other guys more and having more fun with it. We might have some of them over for football this weekend. Jess volunteered for a crappy CQ shift again this weekend (CQ: I can't remember exactly what it stands for, but it's basically guard duty at the squadron...keeping everyone in the dorm safe by monitoring the door. And every weekend shift needs a Green Rope to oversee since it's usually the newbies training. So they sign up, or get assigned, 6 hour shifts). He actually prefers the 12am-6am shift because then he doesn't miss out on as much time with us! He's crazy, but super sweet. Usually he'll just sleep in a little extra when he gets home while LJ and I do the grocery shopping. Oh, and he's still in the top 3 in his class! I'm so proud of him. Also, he's my best friend and I love him...just saying.

Time to go rescue the baby from her torture time and go for a walk in the hot hot weather: sunny, 80, real feel over 90, and 77% humidity still! Jesse *says* that it's supposed to get cool this weekend...but I'm not getting my hopes up! :o)


  1. I'm very curious about what Samantha's metabolism is going to be like . . . I wonder how long it will take her to catch up with Lily (or even pass her up!) I'm looking at the matching onesies I picked up for them and thinking the 0-3 month size doesn't seem *that* much smaller than the 6-9 month size!

  2. Yeah it'll be interesting to see the differences between them! I wonder if she'll look like me?

  3. Giovanna is my soft, round pudgemeister, and always has been. Lucia is my long and lean nonstop eating machine. She's SO far behind Giovanna as far as weight is concerned, but super far ahead for length. It's funny how different...and how much more exhausting it is to feed Lucia than it was with Giovanna! It'll be interesting to see how different your girls are.