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Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Lily and I are finally taking pretty regular walks again. I love walking...I don't know when it started exactly, but I just love going out for a good 30 minute walk. And one thing about being down south is that I'll still get to walk outside after Sam is born (unlike NY in November/December). Cause I hate treadmill walking...I feel like a hamster. Blech.

We start out here...our house!

And we walk all around our neighborhood...you have to double back on a street or two to get your whole half hour in. But it's always sunny and nice (or sunny and meltingly not, but that's okay, too). I like that you can see the Air Force water tower...reminds me of the fact that we're all in this together...everyone in our neighborhood.

People like to show off their sports teams. Some people have the most amazing landscaping (those are the ones who have/will be here awhile). The smart people water their lawns (so they don't turn to crispy brown like ours...and we can get in trouble for that, so we'll have to get the hose going...) but I always laugh because the sprinklers sometimes end up watering other things, like half the road...someone else's car...the house.

Here's LJ's favorite park. There are three in Thrower Park (our neighborhood) and this one is the closest, plus it has baby swings.

Here's the baby.

I'm also reminded as I walk around of the more serious aspects of what we've signed up for. We saw a young amputee the other day. He couldn't have been much older than us. And I saw a "Welcome Home Daddy, We Missed You" sign at one house. War and deployment are definitely a reality. The recent averages for AF deployment are about 6 months at a time. God will give us strength if we need to face these things. In the meantime, I pray for those who are in the midst of them.

Our street.

My girl staying hydrated in the hot sun :o)


  1. Aww...that's a fun look at your neighborhood.
    Your house is so cute!
    And...I will be praying for you.