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Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Yesterday I finally baked Pumpkin Spice Brioche, which I've been longing to do for months and months and months since I got the cookbook forever ago and found the recipe. Mmmmm it turned out delicious and I really shouldn't be eating as much of it as I have...but I just can't. help. it. It's very moist and tastes like fall. Thanks again Nicole and Mom for making it possible!

Yesterday I caught Lily standing up at her pack-n-play as if to say, "Hey Mom, can I play in here some more?" (Or maybe, "Hey, this is where Mom tortures me!") and I wanted to snap a picture but she heard me and came crawling lickity-split to tell me how much she loves me...or to try to grab the camera. But either way I love this shot. If I ever complain about my mommy-job can someone kick me in the head? I mean, look at this face! I get to see this face and this smile all day long! *Sigh* I'm so in love with her.

Speaking of being in love, my Love had a bad day yesterday because he got a bad grade on his test. You know things are competitive around here when a 90% is a "bad grade". (A few people scored higher, or as good as him, and he's thinking he might be "down" in only the top five instead of the top three, which he's gunning for so he has the best chance of picking a base he wants. SO pray for him to do better on his next one in 3-4 weeks. He's working really hard, but wants to study even more. Poor guy.)

To cheer him up we devoured a large stuffed crust pizza and watched Iron Man 2. And I told him to pick out a treat for me to bake this weekend...just trying to be encouraging here! ;o) And trying to get all my fun baking in before I have no more time!


  1. Miss you and your darlin' baby - can't believe how big she's getting!!! And please stop posting photos of delicious baking that you aren't doing here to share with me! I'm drooling over brioche and I don't even know what it is!!!

  2. I know isn't she huge? In a tiny-hiney way, that is! And what else can I take pictures of besides baking and my baby? Since baking is the new hobby and baby is the cutest part of my day, that's what you get for now! Or I could take pictures of the laundry I folded today! ;o) And brioche is yummy sweet bread...French...but it's not too sweet. I'll definitely do this pumpkin spice loaf when you guys are here! Miss you, too!

  3. Brioche looks scrumpdileeiscous - almost tempted to break my no wheat lifestyle!

    LJ is getting so big and that smile is great! She is a happy and blessed little-big one...

    Hows the prego mom feeling? We know you're eating well :) how are you sleeping? Have you been able to visit with some of your new found friends?

    Thanks for being such a great support to Jesse. Sorry to hear about his test. Please remind him we are praying and that God has asked for his best - whatever that looks like.
    Thanks dear one.

    WARNING - looking for a camera so we can begin skyping!! Can't wait to see you all...

    much much love and prayers

  4. Hey Toni, I'm feeling fine, thanks for asking. Sleeping well, besides frequent potty breaks ;o) I was just wondering today when you guys are going to have skype capabilities. Keep us posted!