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Thursday, September 30, 2010

My Wonderful Man

I'm gonna brag here, and he'd hate it, but it'll be up and posted before he even knows! ;o)

Jesse had a better day yesterday. The Airman Leader (Ropes) meeting went well, and he got first pick on his CQ shift this weekend so he's on tonight from 6pm-12am. I'm glad...hopefully that means he won't be sleep deprived this weekend from a weird 12am shift.

I was also really glad to hear that one of his yellow ropes (remember, it goes green-yellow-red) commended him for working so hard at the squadron. He said that if his wife was down here (she's not) he would be a huge slacker and never want to be doing things above and beyond what he had to...like Jesse does. I'm thankful that someone notices the sacrifices that Jesse's making, cause we decided he needed to spend more time there, which meant less time here. And as hard as it is for me to have less of him, we agreed that our current "mission" as a family is tech school - getting it done well. And coming out strong (a good record/file, possible recommendation for promotion, commendations for doing Airman Leader and volunteer work...not to mention good grades) unfortunately means you can't just go to class and come home.

They want to see a guy who's seeking to be a well-counded Airman, and this is what Jesse's working towards, as best he can. I'm proud of him. And I hope he feels encouraged by that Rope. And I really hope the Rope shares his observation of how hard Jesse works with his MTL's and other Airman Leaders!

And, just to clarify, he hasn't pushed family to the back burner! :o) He still takes great care of me. He's working hard at coming home and asking me about the day, how I'm doing (real adult conversation - woo hoo!!!) and he picked out a great novel (Empire Builders) that we've been making time to read out loud together. (Even though he sometimes falls alseep on me - last night he was passed out at 8pm!) We usually get a few quiet evenings a week together plus some fun on the weekend. We're doing great! The schedule is crazy for him, but he's my hero!

The end. Don't tell him I told you how awesome he is! ;o)

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  1. You do have a wonderful man - and I always knew he'd take good care of you! I'm so glad you get to be there and support him, and I'm glad he has found this 'job' that he's excelling at! I love you guys so much!!!