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Friday, October 15, 2010


That's the score my man got on his big test today! 100%!!! He's so amazing! Only one other guy got the same grade as him. So this definitely bumps him back up to the top three...we're pretty excited! :o) His current average *should* guarantee him his pick of the next base we're stationed at...although the last class that graduated didn't even have Germany or Hawaii as options, so we'll see.

No matter what, I'm proud of him. Being a Yellow Rope now means he's usually putting in about 12-15 hours a day between PT, classes, and work at the squadron. And THEN he comes home and takes his girls to the park! :o) Talk about a well-rounded guy!


  1. *woot* go Jesse!

    So I'm not the ONLY one to run into people with strollers. I never tell this story cause its super embarrassing but its kinda funny. When I was like 4 or 5 mom and dad were letting me push the stroller in the mall and i ran into this old lady and knocked her off her feet!! Dad had to help her up and everything. As for me, I peed my pants. I still remember it, even though it was so long ago.
    So be glad you missed the officer!

  2. Bahaha Mattea this story made me laugh sooooo hard! I'm still chuckling here. Which was worse, running the old lady over or walking around with pee-pants? ;o)

  3. LOL That is awesome. And Go Jesse!!!!!