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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Getting Ready for Sam

Ultrasound went great. Well, Sam was great. Lily was terrible :o) but Jesse took care of things for me. One thing that was cool was the doctor said Sam has a "beautiful heart", which made me smile. I know she meant structure and all that practical stuff, but I can't help but wonder if it was prophetic...maybe she'll be extra compassionate? Extra caring? Extra loving? I can't wait to find out! :o)

Funny, unrelated story: Jesse accused me of breaking protocol or something because I nearly ran an officer over with the stroller in the hospital. But, in my defense, I *technically* had the right of way AND I'm 8 months pregnant AND I was running a tad late for the appointment AND I still haven't gotten used to being aware of "who" is around (i.e. the important people that you should *probably* let go first in situations like that) But the officer just chucked at our awkward stop-pause-confused-go-deal and let us go first anyways :o)

Before we met Jesse for the ultrasound, Lily and I stopped by the Keesler Thrift Store to look for a few things. And we actually found something on the list! This puppy was only $25...although come to find out it wasn't *quite* as good a deal as I thought, since it's not real wood. I was tricked because that particle board felt so dang sturdy that I thought it must be good quality stuff! :o) Don't ask me why the fake wood finish didn't give it away ;o) but I was more focused on the fact that it would fit into the back of my car! It's going to be Sam's dresser/changing table for now...not perfect because I would have liked it to be one drawer higher. But again, it was there, it was cheap, and it's ready to use. One more "nesting" detail checked off the list. Oh, and we bumped into the General's wife (she was volunteering) and she recognized me from the Heartlink class! So we chatted a bit and she tried to get Lily to let her hold her for a second...ha...yeah right. But she was a sweetie about it.

These are all the boxes from this weekend that Jesse brought down from what will become Lily's room. He also rearranged the furniture in there (spare single bed, bookshelf, kid desk) so that we can fit Lily's crib and dresser in when we're ready. Unfortunately, we have to take Lily's crib apart just to move it down the hall. But it'll be worth it to have her down in that room, because then Sam will be closer to me so I don't have to stumble so far to get her at 3am :o)

I realized excitedly the other day that I'm now to the point in the pregnancy where I'm counting DOWN the weeks...instead of saying to myself that I'm almost 34 weeks, I'm saying ONLY 6 and 1/2 more to go!!! She's almost here!!!


  1. Love how she makes everything a toy/exploration!

    The dresser sounds like a good find and will certainly serve the intended purpose. Good job, Jessica. :) Should've seen our first furniture purchases - who knew there was such a thing as non-wood wood furniture?! We didn't even know to look for wood!

    The drs. comment about Sam's heart is rather special and you are right to 'ponder' it. Sometimes God does use unusual means to share something... :)

    Counting down the weeks does make Sam's birth day seem closer. Just how long is that "nesting list"?!

  2. I'm with Toni about the doc's comment about Sammy having a beautiful heart - - - something you should definitely write down! (somewhere other than your blog)

    BTW - not only are you 6 and a half weeks from having a newborn Samantha, but you are only about 2 weeks from having a 1-year-old Lillian Jayce!!! I'm pretty excited!

  3. Oh, I know, can you believe how fast a year's gone by? And my "nesting" list is really quite short...just want to switch and arrange the bedrooms, wash the 0-3 clothes, and freeze a few meals. No biggie. And I wrote down the "beautiful heart" thing in Sammy's book.

    By the way, thanks to both of you for commenting so often...helps me know *someone's* reading :o) And you two are my target audience, anyways, so it's great to get your feedback! Love you both!

  4. I read regularly too!! I actually check my dashboard multiple times a day to see if you posted anything new!! Just letting you know you have an even bigger audience than you think!!

  5. Hehe I know I know! I know I have many *adoring* fans like you, Hil! :o) Thanks to you, too, for all your comments. I love reading them!

  6. Aw. Jess. You are such a great Mom. I love how immediately you pointed to God, that she could be given a gift of compassion. I misseth you.

  7. I know! I miss you, too. It's so weird that you have a kid I haven't met. (sigh)