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Friday, October 22, 2010

Baby Clothes

Tiny diaper covers all ready for the next tiny-hiney.

Look at all these diapers! I forgot how often you have to change those little tushies. (I'm calculating how many loads of diaper laundry are in my near future...it's a lot...)

I also forgot how many adorable little clothes we've acquired! These booties are my FAVORITE! I love them cause they're so dang cute and I love them cause they're the only way I know of to keep those little socks on.

This hat! One of the few items we've actually purchased for our girl(s). I love the punk-rocker look. This hat is especially adorable with this little hoodie sweatshirt we have. Oh the memories (like, of Bethany and Lily with their hoods up saying, "word", at Stephy's basketball game!) that clothes can bring up!

Onsies. Wow. Count em...there's at least 30 there. And there are MORE in the bin that I didn't even bother getting out! We also have an equally crazy amount of sleepers. Please please please people (*coughMOMcough*) don't send us any onsies or sleepers! Have mercy! And I hate to see anyone waste their money. We don't need ANY clothes around here! :o) I am so so so thankful for all the people who have already blessed us with baby clothes. Really, I can only think of a few items/outfits that we've had to buy. We are so blessed. Overly so in the onsie department! :o)

"Hey, Momma, what's all the fuss about? What's a baby? Look, I'm learning to cook! Also, I think I might have pooped. Can we go for our walk, yet?"

PS: it's FRIDAY!!! :o)


  1. HEY! I'm not getting *more* clothes - - well, okay, I bought a single matching outfit for the girlses, but that's just plain fun!

    I *am* going to go shopping today for a certain birthday girl who will soon be a big sister! And don't tell me she doesn't need anything, because that's what birthday presents are for in the first place (not what you *need* but what your gramma wants to give you for your birthday!!!!)

    I love you! Did you know that **TODAY** is exactly **SIXTY DAYS** until we fly out to see YOU GUYS!!!!!!! ahhhhh! I can't wait! and it's a little freaky that Samantha will be BORN before then! keep posting, it makes me smile!

  2. You're SO RIGHT about the emotions clothes can invoke. I was pulling out all of the 3-6 month clothes last weekend for Lucia and packing up the 0-3 month clothes and was getting all emotional with each favorite outfit from Giovanna's baby days. I told Jeremy that I'm pretty sure we need to have one more. I'm so excited for you!!

  3. Right what Hilary said. I get all emotional when I see Lily and Annabelle. The kids are basically decked out in Nat and Tash's clothes. *sniff* *sniff* Oh if only they could stay little just a leeetle bit longer.

  4. Oh, and are there settings that you can change that will e-mail people when a comment is left after they comment? Because I can never remember what post I commented on and have to search for your replies. Back in the day when I had a blog, I think I had that option...

  5. she is one lucky girl to have such an assortment of a) thoughts! (you share them so well!!) and b) toys - what fun!

  6. Mom, I love you. Hilary, your 3-6 month clothes bring back memories for me, too! Nicole, I'm not sure about the email setup...I have it emailing me but I don't know about you. Toni, thanks!