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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fall Foliage

Don't laugh, people. Apparently this is the best we can do around here!

The bush outside my house. Look real close...there's definitely some red in there.

Well done scraggly tree. (Note: Most of the trees in Thrower Park are babies because the development is new since Katrina)

Uh, this poor sucker just gave up.

I like how it's half-bald :o)

People are very serious about Halloween decorating around here. I like the little ghosts!

I'm not convinced it's fall...


This one is my favorite. A small reminder of what I'm used to...nice, full, a pretty mix of green and red. I give it an 8 out of 10.

These guys aren't even trying. Don't they know it's almost the end of October?

This yard...oh, this yard...love it! :o)

This one is my favorite. I like the tombstones :o) Myra Maines took me a second, though. Cute!

COME ON GUYS! You're killing me! Nothing? Not even a speck of color? Sheesh.

I'm still trying to figure out how the trick-or-treat-ers are supposed to get in this one...? I drove by at night and they have tons of super fun lights, too!

Back at my house. This leaf is attached to a tree in my yard. Can we talk about how it was really hot yesterday afternoon? We usually walk in the mornings, when it's closer to 70 rather than 80! But it was raining in the morning.

It really is beautiful here...lack-of-fall complaints aside...blue sky, pretty ocean, lots of lovely white clouds. I like it. For now. Couldn't live here forever, but thankfully that's not really part of the plan. (The cockroaches really are a deal-breaker!) But I'm enjoying it while it lasts!


  1. LOL Seriously. You had me laughing so hard. "COME ON GUYS! You're killing me! Nothing? Not even a speck of color? Sheesh." Ah, I miss you.

  2. yeah, I'm here in Tennessee now, and so far it's not quite the same. Fortunately I got to go home last week and see some of the colors.

  3. well, the south has 'some' advantages . . . cockroaches are NOT one of them! but we have been keeping a fire going much of the time for the past week, it's getting cool enough to be uncomfortable! with the wood stove, at least we aren't running the furnace yet! I LOVE YOU - and I'm glad you are able to keep your humor about the lack of foliage!

  4. Andrew, I'm jealous that you got to go home.

    Mom, I miss reading by the wood stove with a cuppa tea.