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Monday, October 11, 2010

Brushin' brushin' brushin'

I try to remember to brush Lily's teeth twice a day. It's really funny cause she loves it! I *guess* you're supposed to start the "brushing" as soon as the first tooth appears...so I'm a little late on this. I started because she would watch me brush mine and get all excited when I brushed her teeth with my toothbrush...which is kind of gross. Then I remembered that someone had given me a kiddie "toothbrush" as a gift before she was born, so I dug it out! I had put it away thinking it was a little silly at the time. Kind of hard to imagine brushing baby teeth when you haven't even seen your kid's face yet! :o) But she has seven now. And she eats real food. So brushing regularly is a good habit to get into...even though she bites me and I'm not sure it's doing any good! :o) Sorry that I couldn't get the video we took to upload here...it might show up on Facebook later. We'll see.

Jesse's a studying machine this morning and then he's off to do CQ from 12-6pm, and accountability after that. So we won't see much of him today :o( but we had a great weekend together. I'm going to try my hand at homemade cream cheese and whey today...all you do is let yogurt drip all it's whey out through a strainer and apparently you get good quality whey and cream cheese from this. The whey will be a great addition to soups and things...also good I guess for upset tummies or muscle/joint aches. I'm skeptical about the cream cheese, though. Stay tuned.


  1. it is really a challenge to "brush" teeth when they're biting the brush!

    haven't drained regular yogurt but it sounds like it'll work. suggest doing the same with vanilla flavored yogurt---delish "cream cheese"! and the whey is good in oatmeal...

    love you guys!!!

  2. Thanks for the ideas! I added whey to our oatmeal this morning. But it's not vanilla, so we didn't get any added flavor burst :o)