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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunday Afternoon

What is it about Sunday afternoons that make me want a nap even more than any other day?? I'm rediscovering the importance of shorter catnaps (20-30 mins) because I was reminded that most research shows it's better for you than the longer kinds. They make you sleepier. You know, like the long 2 hour ones you get to take when your almost 1-year-old spoils you and takes really long afternoon naps. Also because I know in about 7 weeks those long chunks of time won't exist for me :o)

Jesse rocks because he worked a bunch on the spare room yesterday...when we have a chance it'll become Lily's new room. And it's that much closer.

Lily rocks because she whimpers and cries through the whole church service. And the Mosaic nursery workers rock because they think it's "cute" and they put up with her. They always give her a good report. Even when she poops a ton. Two weeks in a row. Darling girl.

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  1. I know the whole research thing about shorter naps. HOWEVER, Sunday afternoons are just so perfect for longer naps - - I love them!

    Go Jesse! You do rock! First you make the Bulls win the Commander's award 'cause you are so cool - then you come home, take your wife and kid out to dinner - then you work on the spare room so that it can become Lily-Bear's room!!!

    Lillian Jayce - you are SO funny! The nursery is a fun fun place to be - - so get over yourself and enjoy it, girl!