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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Friday Fun

Yesterday Jess came bounding home in a super great mood cause the squadron won an award from the Commander. It's given out every month, and it was a big deal for the 335th to finally get it again cause they've been in a dry spot since February! I'd like to think they just needed my man to help straighten things out! ;o) But, yeah, GO BULLS!

So he wanted to go out for dinner to celebrate (fiiiiine with me!) so we excitedly went out and excitedly got stuck in the worst traffic we've ever seen down here. This is when we remembered that this weekend is "Cruisin' the Coast". Apparently, it's a little celebration of old cars where everyone drives their cool cruisers around...especially down Beach Blvd/Hwy 90. So not only is everything crazy busy, but people are also driving like idiots because they're forgetting to watch the road because they're watching all the cool cars. And it only took me two near-misses to realize that the idiots in the *other* cars weren't the only ones being idiots! ;o)

Then we decided that the place we wanted to go out to eat was going to be much too long of a wait. So we went to a Chinese buffet. No wait...hopefully not too crowded...decent food. Or so we thought. We have now decided that we shall not ever go to a Chinese buffet again. First of all, we are both dumb enough to think that the food will be good. AND it never is (or if you find a place that is good, you're lucky) so we were grossed out and even more thrilled to have crappy service. (We watched our waitress take Jesse's drink for a refill...along with THREE other glasses from TWO different tables. Since we've both waited tables, we're relatively certain that it'd be impossible to keep four dark colas straight...*gag*) I'd like to blame our weakness for Chinese buffets on the fact that we both love crab rangoons. What we NEED to do is just find a good place to order them! Or I should look up a recipe. Then we won't have to leave buffets feeling fat, gross, robbed, and disappointed.

Also, this particular night out ended strangely and not so fun, as it appeared that the older gentlemen in the booth behind me scared Lily. Like, freaked her out. Enough to make her start screaming and looking their way and trying to get out of her high chair! So we ended an already lame meal pretty quickly and she let us know how upset she was by screaming the whole way home. We haven't had a screaming kid in the car for a long time. It was really fun. Not.

She's recovered, though. Here she is at the Commissary this morning...she really loves it when I put as much produce as I can fit in the front of the cart with her. And I really love it when she doesn't scream at me even though I pushed it a little close to her naptime this morning. She's such a sweet girl!

Today should be better than last night. Mostly because we're staying home and relaxing. And also because Jesse will be really excited when he finds out I bought steak for dinner. Mmmmm!


  1. bummer - sounds like a very trying time-
    at least you were together =)

    congrats to Jesse and the 335th and to all the supportive wives (we know and love one of them!)who have helped make that possible...

    poor LJ having such a frightening experience :(
    so glad she has you guys to make all the different kinds of 'boo boos' better =)

  2. oh - love the black shoes the Lilybear is sporting!

  3. GAG...Chinese buffets (well to be honest ANY buffets)are SO off the out-to-dinner list. I can't remember the last time I went to a buffet. They're germ factories on top of the fact that there's a reason they can charge so little for all-you-can-eat. Congrats to the bulls!!

  4. Walmart had a bunch of cute, cheap shoes last time I went so I got her some that actually fit!

  5. This gramma needs a better pic of the super-cute *outfit* she's wearing! I do like the shoes, too!

    I'm with Hillary about all buffets - - went to OCB with school last week - - did NOT get anywhere near the food in one section as I watched a kid who was about the same height as the buffet stand over this one section and pick his nose **gag**