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Monday, November 1, 2010

History Lesson and Recipe

If you want something interesting to read about Halloween and All Saints Day, read this post I'd always wondered why all these holidays were right on top of each other. Good thinking, Luther! (Duh, Jessica, of *course* he had a reason!)

If you want something super easy and yummy and comfort-food-y to cook (especially for a crowd...especially if the crowd has any husbands or small children in it) then cook this recipe. But I don't think it needs nearly as much cheese, and Jesse agrees. And I think that I shall add it to my "to freeze for post-baby time" list...that I'm starting on this week. (Oh, and note: our friend who was over for football actually asked me if it was hamburger helper, but said it looked even better...score!)

Off to relax before a crazy day of birthday celebrations tomorrow. Well, not that crazy...but I will be baking a cheesecake. Stay tuned for a weekend update tomorrow and birthday-girl pictures sometime early in the week! :o)

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