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Sunday, October 31, 2010

36 Weeks

Dear well-meaning but tedious stranger at the grocery store: The answers to your questions are "November 27th and another girl". I can see it in your eyes...I know you're about to ask. But can we pause here while I suggest it would do us both more good if, instead of asking when I'm due and what my kid's gender is, you just told me I look great and bought me a candy bar? Cause that's all I really want right now (besides a foot massage, which I'll be asking my husband for when I get home). And because let's be honest, what are you really going to do with that information? Mark it down on your calendar? Send pink roses? Come on now. And while we're chatting so frankly (i.e. while I'm whining) you can also refrain from stating the obvious: Yes, I do, in fact, realize that my girls will be close together. I have eyes, too. And I can count. So back to the compliment and chocolate...why don't you stop being like the four other well-meaning but tedious strangers I just talked to and start a new trend? Thanks, Jessica


Now that I'm done complaining, let me say that I absolutely love it when I can make people's day just by bringing my daughter to the grocery store. She doesn't even seem to have to do anything besides give a shy grin, and she can melt people's hearts and brighten their days.

Let me also say that I bought a bad of candy corn (which will probably be gone in a day or so cause I have no self-control...meaning I'll be feeling sick...like every Halloween!) and they cleverly tried to make me feel better about it by advertising they are "made with real honey" :o) Because they're sneaky like that...they think that because honey is "healthy" I'll think these candies are "healthy". But I'm onto them...I know that there are five total forms of sugar/sweetener in those things...plus who knows what other creepy ingredients that I can barely pronounce, let alone understand their effects on my body. (Titanium Dioxide Color? That was never a color that I learned in first grade!) And I'm okay with that, since it's a treat. And no, I do not think that 20 pieces are a serving size. Who are they kidding? :o)

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