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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

More Critters

I would love to know this poor sucker's story. Mainly, how long has he been dead to become so crispy? And how, as such a definitely-dead-crispy-critter, did he manage to find himself on my dining room floor? Mississippi critters are so mysterious.

And for the record, I am *totally* okay with finding dead things on my floor, rather than live ones. Just saying...

Also for the record, looking at this picture makes me want to wash my hands. Again. And again. Ew.


  1. just a thought (while still shuddddderriingggg)
    is there an air vent overhead?

  2. Mmm good point! But I looked and I'm still confused...the air vent in the dining room is not directly over where he ended up...interesting. So, maybe bug-zilla brought him as a present for me? :o) I'm thankful he was dead. And that I found him before Lily, who puts everything in her mouth now...GAG!