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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Busy Days

Today we woke up and took Jesse to the base at 4:30am so we could have the car. It's really not that big a deal (don't feel too bad for us!) because Lily doesn't seem to mind being up in the middle of the night...she went right back to sleep without a peep and even slept in an extra hour for me! (Which *I* was very thankful for, because I do mind being up in the middle of the night!)

We have the car because we're meeting Jesse at the hospital this afternoon for a doctor's appointment for Sammy-girl. Jess was able to get off of school...and I'm double glad for this because a) he gets to see the ultrasound and b) he gets to be in charge of Lily-the-clingy-monster for me. I'm sure he's really looking forward to that! ;o)

(The ultrasound is kind of a random thing because they want to double check a few...concerns...but don't worry grandmas! It looks like my super-friendly-perhaps-too-chatty ultrasound tech at Schuyler just forgot to mark down a few things on my chart when I had my 20 week ultrasound. The doctor here wasn't really worried, just wants to be sure everything's checked off normal. So we get an excuse to peek at her again! And I'm sure we'll see that the "missing" info will be just fine.)

Call me crazy, but I don't like the days that I have the car. I always try to do too much...and I feel like Lily spends more of the day in the carseat/stroller than playing. Sometimes I wonder, would it be better if we had gotten a second car after all? But I think (again, call me crazy) I'm glad we only have one...I'm thankful for the fact that I'm *forced* to be a home-body with my girl. I like our normal, predictable, quiet days during the week. I'm glad I don't have to worry about the temptation to run errands during the day...because usually I find that they either don't need to be done, or don't need to be done till the weekend. But if we had a second car, I think I'd be more tempted to turn every day into a crazy busy day.

That said, we ran around all morning and are going to be running a few more errands before the appointment. Poor little Lily! :o) She'll recover, I'm sure. But tomorrow is normal, and that will be nice!


  1. that is a looong day. glad the LJ slept for you!

    I would've voted for a second car but you are much less selfish than i -

    looking forward to new pics of Sam =)
    Rest when you can Jess.

    love you -

  2. Sorry, no pics this time. The ones they took were really bad. I guess they get harder to see clearly the bigger they get in there? All squished and shadows and stuff. Love you, too!

  3. Miles and miles away and you are still able to convict me. I love the internets! :) Thanks for sharing this, Jess. I can sometimes fill my day with WAY too much and then hate being home because I've left it unattended so long or just want to get out. I've devoted the last month (maybe two months? ) of quiet times to reading all I can on biblical femininity. I want my family to know I love them and want them to love being here. I want my girls to love the role of wife and mother (if God calls them to that). Anyways... thanks. I <3 you. And I'm glad even though we're far apart you still speak to my heart.

  4. OK... can you tell who had some free time? haha I'll fill your email with comments the next time I find (steal) some time. ;)

  5. Aw thanks for the encouragement. I never realized until Lily got a little older, how important routine is for them little ones. And how unimportant all the other run-around-stuff is in my life...I think that living down here without a car has really taught me that living simple is better for us right now. I think, if I were still up in Corning, that I *might* have even gotten to the point where I would have had to decrease my number of play-date-type-outings. But, that's not really a problem here! :o)

    And yeah, it just took me ten minutes to respond to all your comments! :o) But I love it!