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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Saturday Morning

Discovery: On the rare occasion that I'm up really late (like, till 1am thinking Jesse would be home around 12 from some volunteer work...when he didn't get home till 3am!) it's great to know that Lily is a sweet, sweet girl and will let me sleep in until 8:30! I don't know what she did for an hour and a half (she ALWAYS wakes up at or slightly before 7!) but I don't really care...because I don't remember the last time I slept in and it was WONDERFUL! :o)

Jesse is home all day and the sun is shining and who knows what fun we'll be up to, but it's so great to have a whole day together! Baguettes are cooling for lunch (maybe topped with chicken salad cause I have some leftover baked chicken)...chili for dinner.

Oh, while waiting for Jesse to get home last night I bought my first eBook: Healthy Snacks To Go by Katie Kimball (my favorite blogger). I read the WHOLE thing (okay, it's only 40 pages or something...and it's recipes...so that's not that impressive I guess) but it was really good and I highly recommend it (although I haven't actually *tried* any of it, yet!) but it looks like they'll turn out great if you're in need of some healthy snack options (which I am!). Some of them will freeze good, too, so I'm going to start planning for some freezer snack stocking before Sam comes. I'm excited to try the mini pumpkin muffins (shock, I know!) and the whole wheat crackers! And the "Larabars". And the fruit rolls. And the tater skin crispies. And...you get the point...I'm excited! :o)

Off for some quick dish-doing and then my baby will probably be done napping. Then maybe I'll drag my hubs out to the mall to window shop. Or Christmas shop. Or just walk. Or maybe walk the beach. Hmmmm the possibilities!

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  1. I bought that book last week! I already made the granola. It was good but I like my recipe from Alton Brown better. That might be because I slightly overcooked her recipe though. I should try it again in the name of fairness. I'm going to make her peanut butter granola bars next. I actually just wrote down the recipe for her pumpkin cookies and will be starting them with Giovanna this afternoon!