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Monday, October 18, 2010

Weekend Hangover

That was a crazy weekend! It was fun, for the most part, and productive, but really busy.

Jesse worked a CQ shift (hopefully these will decrease as they train some more Green Ropes...but they're short on Green so Yellow fills in when necessary) and did some volunteering. Volunteering is important (as I keep reminding myself when I get grumpy about it) for a lot of reasons. Primarily because it's a big aspect of being that "well-rounded Airman" that they're on the lookout for. Our goal is for Jess to get 40 volunteer hours in before we leave...then he gets a snazzy recommendation in his file. Always good to collect those! ;o)

So he volunteered as a driver and a bunch of them went to work a "haunted trail" out in the Mississippi woods somewhere. Scared the pee out of a bunch of teens. Had a jolly old time. But he was gone from 4:30pm Friday to 1:00am Saturday, which didn't thrill me. Although I did use the time to mop the floor, do some bread baking, wash our bedding, paint my nails, buy that eBook, and read the whole thing. So I shouldn't complain :o) AND it was an easy, fun way for Jesse to get in more hours. AND he has the option to do it again the next two weekends. AND he had the splendid idea to get a babysitter for LJ and let me tag along for one of them! If I do it, I plan to bring back the pumpkin-belly shirt. And cross my fingers that *I* don't pee my pants, since I'd probably be escorting groups around...and getting scared over and over all night. Goody! But at least I'd be with Jesse!

He made up for all his away-from-me-time by planning a nice relaxing evening Saturday...including a voluntary foot rub for me! (Pregnant gals in this house are always begging for those...) He also did the dishes last night (MY HERO) and made me go for a walk with him and LJ...when I was in a bad mood...because he knows walks always cheer me up. What a guy!

Lily has finally grown into this car toy. She likes to climb all over it, push it around (usually the wrong way...she holds the front and back and pushes it side-ways...gifted girl) and sit on it like a little princess. She also likes to cheese at me while I'm taking her picture, making for a great shot of her crooked toothy grin (chomper #8 is coming in on the bottom). She's lately been grinding her teeth...ick...am I supposed to try to stop that? I keep sticking my finger in her mouth...but this seems dangerous.

I'm off to use the rest of morning nap time to pop some baguettes in the oven for tonight's dinner and cook up some tortillas for tomorrow night (quesadillas!). I shall also start catching up on my "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me" episodes, which I'm pretty excited about! :o)


  1. That is a light bulb smile! and where does she usually hide those cheeks? and oh, the teeth!!

    re:grinding - has she been doing it long or frequently? I don't know much about it, but, think that sometimes it's just another oral exploration...and maybe if it becomes taboo, it becomes more interesting? Maybe ignore it for a while and insert fingers at your own peril!?!?!

    "normal" has a way of changing all the time... I'm looking forward to the day that a "normal" family day for you guys is when Jesse is at work and home -- sans all the extra stuff. :)

    what?! you grumpy? :)

  2. I know, isn't that a great shot? You got the chubby cheeks, the "double" chin, the crooked smile, and the moo-cow-lashes all in one! ;o)

    Just started grinding this past week...good point about exploring...no worries.

    Grumpy...yeeeeah...it happens ;o)

  3. Oh Jess...this is only one of the MANY things she'll do as she "explores" that irritate and annoy. I totally just ignore them as long as nobody gets hurt. My little princess picked up the HORRIBLE phrase "shut up" from some place. Jeremy's and my jaw dropped when we first heard her. Jeremy broke toddler rule number 1: ignore any and all behavior that you find undesirable the first time she experiments. He yelled at her, guaranteeing she'd say it over and over, and she has. I tried to run interference and pretend that she was saying "shut off" instead of "shut up" and I kept saying "oh no honey...you're supposed to say turn off the light not shut off". Yeah...that didn't work. Now I just completely and totally ignore her and advise Jeremy to do the same. We tried speaking sternly, time out, you name it... Now we're doing what should have been done in the beginning...pretending she didn't say anything. It's working, and we can tell this by the fact that once we give her no reaction she says it over and over and louder and louder. Absolutely ignore any yucky behavior while in the toddler years...take it from us!!!

  4. I just remembered that AB grinded (ground?) her teeth for about a month, and I was soo worried (as always!), but didn't do anything (per my pediatrician's advice), and I haven't heard her doing it again for probably another month now. No worries! (I need to take note of this recurring pattern of worry - pray about it and let it go - actually end up forgetting about it - then suddenly noticing there's nothing to worry about anymore... I think Someone's trying to tell me something ;)

  5. Hehe so right Em. I'm thinking it's no biggie since she doesn't seem to be hurting anything. It sounds pretty icky, though, like nails on a chalkboard. But *apparently* she doesn't have the same aversion to that sound! :o)