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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Baby Curls

Baby curls make my heart melt.

Disclaimer: my kid is fast. Taking pictures of her can be tricky. The photographer in me always imagines much better images than I come up with...but I have to surrender. Sometimes I am just. not. fast. enough! (And my camera is good, but not that good!)

So Lily's been a baldy most of her life. She had a lot of dark brown hair at birth...then she got that old man patch in the back.

Then she lost it in random places.

Then she just looked like a boy unless she was wearing pink or a dress. I always get asked how old "he" is when she's in neutral clothes.

So I went heavy on the pink and patted her poor baldy head and told her it would be okay someday. And look! Not only does girly have a *little* bit of hair now...but there are even a few cute little curls in the back!

And apparently the rain all day today caused her to feel extra sleepy (I can relate!) because she doesn't usually suck her fingers except in bed or the car seat. And I think this photo shoot was shortly before her afternoon nap. You should have seen her trying to crawl with only one arm. Silly Lily.


  1. good shot of those pretty little girl curls! oh and that sounds like a good name for a book - Silly Lily -

  2. Hmmm so many good book possibilities, here! What was the other one you came up with? Something about babies crying...I can't remember.

    Oh, I recently learned that you can get your blog printed into a book! So when we're done with this whole adventure...I really will have a book! :o) (And maybe one for you, too!)

  3. Dear Lily,
    I love your beautiful curls and I CAN.NOT.WAIT. to see you in 19 more days!
    Gramma Rawleigh