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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Lily's Favorite Christmas Decoration

Lily has made herself clear. She LOVES her stocking. There's a big, huge, fascinating, twinkling Christmas Tree in the corner of the living room...that she's hardly even acknowledged. But every single time we walk past the stockings on the stairs, she reaches out to touch hers. (This is actually a great thing, because we don't want her touching the tree anyways! :o) So having her ignore it is JUST fine with me...I just think it's funny!)

Now, it's true that she doesn't have many options as far as which Christmas Decoration to adore...all we have out right now are the tree and stockings :o) (And don't be deceived into thinking this is just because I'm a million months pregnant and didn't feel like decorating more...I'm actually a decoration minimalist even when I'm not pregnant. Mostly cause I don't like to dust and clean knickknacks and I'm clutter-phobic.) So there you have it. Lily loves her stocking. Shout out to Gramma Aiduk for making them for us!


  1. Thanks for sharing this Jess -
    Any particular color/style request for Sams stocking?

  2. Sure! And no request for color...same style as the others, I guess :o) Any fabric you find would rock!