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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Birthday Girl

Well, I know you all told me it was going to happen, but I'm still in shock at how fast a year has gone by. I was looking at pictures of Lily the newborn Peanut today and could hardly believe it! Sheesh. It's been a great year, though. I'm so blessed to be her Momma...what a gift! She's such a joy. And she's hard work, but I love it! Jesse got home as early as he could tonight and we got to eat dinner together and bust into this amazing pumpkin spice cheesecake. Since she can't tell us if she'd rather have carrot cake or pumpkin cheesecake or ice cream...we went with what we wanted ;o)

Which was quite a hit.

She didn't seem to mind the mess.


Looking kind of sleepy. "Hey Momma, when are you going to stop taking pictures and realize that I'm smearing cheesecake all over the back of my head and chair?" :o)

Thanks Lily! And thanks for the crap-ton of poopy diapers today...whatever that was about! But I love ya anyways. And I'm so glad you're my girl. And I'm so excited to watch you grow this next year.

Happy Birthday to Lillian Jayce!

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