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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Typical Day

There are a lot of fun little birthday traditions that I want to do with the kids, but we kept things pretty simple for LJ this year. Main reason: we're busy and she doesn't know the difference :o) Plus, some of my ideas aren't things she'll appreciate much even in the next few years. But one thing I did do yesterday was document her day in photos. I want to have a "Day in the Life of the Birthday Kid" each year, for their scrapbooks. Well, I don't know about the scrapbooks :o) but at least they'll be on the computer! ;o)

Anyways, here's a day in the life of one-year-old Lillian:

Waking up happy with bunny and blankie

Morning playtime while Momma makes breakfast

Hurry, Mom!


She loves our morning walks

Still likes help drinking out of the sippy, though she's perfectly capable of doing it alone :o)

Taking in the sunny view

Getting in some reading before morning nap

Loves this book

Zonked out with blankie


Playtime before pm nap: this time Momma's scarf provided the entertainment!

She came up with this game on her own...

...and it kept her busy for almost 20 minutes!

After nap: the 5098th diaper change...or so it seems :o)

Playing in her room before Momma needs to start dinner prep

She loves her Little People Farm

*Patiently* waiting for dinner to be ready :o)

Getting nakie for bathtime


Playing with Daddy

Night Night with bunny and blankie!

And there you have it...a pretty typical day in the life of Little Miss LJ. For now. Her days may be a little bit different in 4 weeks or so! ;o) But for now, our routine is great and she's a doll-baby. This is a really fun stage!


  1. You are just too cute Lillian!! And I had that same farm toy...it was one of my favorites growing up! Happy birthday!

  2. I love how every stage you think it's so much fun, and you think how you just don't want it to end. Then you get to the next stage... I haven't hit a stage that I don't love (except the newborn one... I know, I know, that breaks Rule of Femininity Number One. They just don't do anything fun and I'm constantly worried that holding them too much will make them need to be in my arms 24/7. Not to mention the lack of sleep...

  3. Thanks Mattea! And Hil, you make me laugh! But it's so true! :o) Kids are great!