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Friday, November 5, 2010

Cleaning Corral

My master bathroom is the cleanest it's been in many moons. And I didn't even have to use up precious naptime to do it! I read this funny idea in a magazine and decided it wasn't that funny after all. It was brilliant!

Exhibit A: Baby in the tub. With toys. *Relatively* content to watch Momma scrub the sinks and toilets and clean the mirrors...even sweep and mop the floor! :o)

Exhibit B: Soooo done with this Mommma. Please? Okay baby girl, good job. All done. Shhhh.

And then I just had to scrub the tub during the first part of her am nap. I hate scrubbing tubs. Yuck. But it's all done, now! :o) Who knows when I'll make myself do it again! Jesse promised to do the scrubbing of toilets and tubs (and possibly the vacuuming of floors) for the months of Dec/Jan. Heck yeah he's the best! :o)


  1. That face looks SO darned SAD!!!!

  2. I always give Giovanna her own sponge (never used for anything cleaning-related) and she helps me by scrubbing and spraying. I've done that since she was really small. She loves to feel like she's helping. I do, however, have to save toilets for nap. This is a great idea for toilet-cleaning time!

  3. Sad face, sad baby. But she recovers well :o) And I never thought to have her help me clean! Hmmmm the possibilities! She already "helps" me "fold laundry" ;o) so maybe I should branch out and keep up the trend!