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Friday, November 5, 2010

Tops in Blue

Jesse and I got to go on ANOTHER baby-free date last night! Whoo hoo man, a girl could get used to this! :o)

(Side note: Lily's night with Bethanne and Adam went splendidly, which surely puts this Momma's mind at ease, as they're watching her while her little sissy is born. Yay for the gradual end of separation anxiety!)

Anyways, this cool traveling band Tops in Blue was in town last night. They're all active duty Air Force, which is pretty cool, and they're all AMAZING musicians, singers, and dancers! The night was very entertaining. It was also cool to see them kind of transform from crazy fun performers to professional military members, as they switched into dress uniforms at the end and sang "God Bless the USA". It was very very cool. I got a little teary eyed!

The reason I posted a link is because I don't have any pictures to show for the night...because we ended up sitting practically front and center, which made the idea of picture-taking very awkward.

Speaking of awkward, you should see how a bunch of single Airmen respond to a big pregnant belly with no place to sit! ;o) Quite comical. First off, Jesse was there early volunteering (as a rope) to help organize and direct people. But no one saved him (or myself) a seat with the squadron, who had great floor seating. So we were kind of wandering up into the stadium seating, but the guys were freaking out about me climbing stairs...hehe and I let them...even though I'm fully capable of climbing stairs (even at nine months while wearing high heels!) ;o) So two of Jesse's friends actually ended up giving up their seats for us...in the FRONT ROW! (I feel bad, but I guess they were ushering anyways...and we thanked them a ton!)

But back to the front row...it was nuts! Cause this is the kind of dance group that interacts with the crowd...ESPECIALLY the front row! I'm thinking that my big pregnant belly caused them to have mercy on us and not make either of us get up and dance or anything! :o) But the Airmen (and women) around us were not so lucky! It was so funny. There were SO MANY people there! (I'm really bad with numbers, but there were at least 800 Airmen because that's what the General said...plus it was open to the public...so I'm going to guess about 2,000 people, maybe more?) I'm glad we got to go. It was a cool experience.

Also, I got to meet a few more of Jesse's friends from the squadron. Mostly guys (and gals) who work with him as ropes. And it was super cool to see Jesse in action as a Yellow Rope. Being all in charge of his squadron and such. I'm so proud! :o)

It's FRIDAY!!! Yay for the weekend! :o)

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