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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Not in Kansas Anymore

This weather! I just don't know what to think.

I'm seeing pictures of my siblings climbing mountains in the snow. I'm hearing tales of scraping windshields and lighting wood stoves back home.

But I'm sitting in my living room with the windows open and it feels like spring! Granted, I really only have the windows open cause my test kernel for my stove top popcorn was a dud and started smoking rather than popping...so I wanted to air things out...but STILL! It's nice out there! (The rest of my popcorn turned out splendid ps)

I keep misjudging how the temperature will actually feel when we go for a walk. It says 60...but the sun is blaring (and beautiful!) so I still end up sweating! Luckily, I'm smart enough that we're both in layers so I can peel as we go. Except today...I wish I hadn't been wearing jeans today. (SHORTS? I want to be wearing SHORTS? IN NOVEMBER???)

Rewind to a few days ago...we were out and about in sweatshirts and jeans. It was comfortable but certainly not cold. And we saw some mighty chilly looking locals. I shall call them "bundlers"...for they look bundled up enough to be living in the arctic tundra or something!

But I guess this is Mississippi! It's a confusing place y'all! :o) Example: our inside temp is usually set around 70 or so. But sometimes this means the ac is on, and sometimes the heat. Uh...what's a yankee supposed to do with this?? Sometimes I'm wearing scarves just for decoration and sometimes I'm actually wearing them to layer and be warm in the mornings.

My friend heard the guy on the radio telling people to get out their winter coats. On the same day she got a sunburn.

Mississippi weather. So weird!

Speaking of weather...our resident weather student is still rocking top three in his class and has a big test today. He's hoping to beat out his buddy for number two ;o)

Speaking of speaking of weather...you should hear them talk about weather. It's hilarious! Like they're speaking another language...you know, how guys get when they talk about cars or electronics or something. No longer does talking about the weather mean small talk in my mind. It now means confusing mumbo-jumbo that I zone out of.

Though I wish one of them could tell me what to wear today! :o)


  1. Yes, you saw pictures of your siblings hiking in the snow - - IN THE ADIRONDACKS!!! We haven't had any measurable snow yet! Although I do admit we have been keeping a fire in the woodstove and I've worn my winter coat outside quite a bit already!!

    NY weather misses you too!

  2. I know I know, but the pictures reminded me that I won't be seeing any snow this year! :o) And it's still nuts cause it's 75 out there!

  3. meh - by the time Jesse finishes tech school, we'll probably still have snow on the ground so when he gets some time off, you can visit some snow (and you'll probably get all excited like the first snow of the season when the rest of us are groaning about it!!!)

  4. Gosh I hope you guys don't still have snow mid-March!