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Monday, November 8, 2010

The Shed

This weekend we got to experience some truly...authentic...Mississippi dining. It was an experience like no other! :o)

The Shed. Famous for it's bbq. And it's literally a...shed.

We might not have believed we had the right place if we hadn't been warned by everyone that told us about it that the food was great and the place was...interesting :o)

It was a fun atmosphere. People leave dollar bills all over the ceiling and walls...never quite got the answer on why. There's graffiti everywhere.

Oh, and it was chilly. But I was prepared this time! Lily was plenty warm...plus she got to enjoy her first bonfire! (That I can recall...) She really liked pointing at the sparks going up into the lovely night sky :o) It was cool...they had a big fire going outside "the shed" and you could eat out there if you wanted...they had old school desks around the fire :o) They also had tons of tables, so I'm guessing when it's not so cold the place is packed. Live music on the weekends. A wooden dance floor :o) All in all a neat place to grab some greasy bbq and have a few beers with your friends.

Lily also enjoyed picking up the rocks to hand to me. She only got a few into her mouth, too. (How are they so good about knowing the EXACT moment you're going to look away to try to participate in the adult conversation??)

Their sign when you leave reads: "Thanks for being fed at the Shed" :o)


  1. That looks like an awesome atmosphere! Very interesting with the dollars and such... Sounds like a pretty cool place to go and a unique ambiance.

  2. What did you have for dinner?! What was it like (the food, I mean)!?

  3. That just looks like a great BBQ place :)

  4. Haha yeah, the food. I guess that's a helpful detail when describing a dining experience. We got a combo dinner to share...bbq chicken, pulled pork, ribs, mac salad, potato salad, baked beans, bread. It was tasty. Not my favorite, but I'm not a huge bbq fan anyways, so give em the benefit of the doubt if you're ever down! ;o)