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Monday, November 15, 2010

Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

Dear Grandma and Grandpa Aiduk,

I looked for you this morning when I came downstairs, but you weren't here. Momma said you had to go home. I think that stinks, because she doesn't play with me as good as you do. I wish you were still here to walk me all around the house and play with my blocks and car and kitty kitty. And let me tease you. And listen to me whine and cry. It was fun showing you around the local sights...glad you liked The Shed and our new church. Thanks for taking such good care of my Momma and Daddy. Sorry that my little sissy wasn't due just a liiiiitle sooner so you could meet her while you were down. She can't wait to come up to visit! We all love you and miss you and wish we lived closer! Momma tells me all the time how much you love me and gives me all the kisses you send.

See you soon!


  1. sob sob sob... :(
    Dear Lily,
    Grandma and grandpa thought about putting you in one of their suitcases and bringing you back to MA with us. And then, momma and daddy would have had to come find you and we would get to see you all for a little bit longer. Then we thought momma and daddy might not be happy with us, so we left you sleeping in your nice bed in your nice room, in your nice house (that's just in the wrong state) with your very nice momma and daddy. Thanks for playing with us and helping grandpa to walk and letting grandma feed you a couple of bites and for those smiles that light up the room. We love you little Lily.

    we had a great time- i could just sit and watch you all (sounds kind of creepy :) but it was so good just to SEE you...
    you are the hostest with the mostest, Jess