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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy Veterans Day

This morning I am waiting for Mark and Toni to get here so we can start our super fun weekend. Their plane gets into Gulfport (town next to us) around 10am! YAY for visitors!!

I'm also waiting for Lily to wake up...she's really into sleeping in these days.

I'm also waiting for Jesse to wake up...he's got the day off and is also into sleeping in these days. Like father, like daughter? :o)

While I wait, I'll tell you about how my freezer is begging for mercy. I decided at the last minute last night that I had enough ingredients to make a triple batch of chili instead of a double batch...but I had to work a bit of magic to get the portions I wanted to save in the freezer :o) It's not a big freezer, so it's not that impressive...but I think I have about two weeks worth of pastas, soups, stews, breads, chicken fingers, etc. Should be good to go. I don't think I'll have to cook in between the time she's born and my Mom gets here Dec 21st! :o) Ha, and if she comes late, we'll probably still be able to eat some of it while my family's visiting!

Moving on to how I tie-dyed some of my clothes because I'm a dummy who doesn't read tags like this. Yep, now my white linen maternity pants and my favorite gray maternity sweater are no longer only white and gray...they now have bits of this "scarf of many colors" (as my sister calls it) on them. Oops. And dangit. Cause I really liked those two articles of clothing the colors that they were. Unfortunately, though I tried, the stains are not coming out. Thankfully, those were the only casualties. On the bright side, I plan on being able to move on to the other wardrobe (non-maternity) I own (hopefully soon!).

Enjoy your long weekend! I know we will!! :o)


  1. you make me giggle! YAY for Mark and Toni coming for the weekend - - YAY for Jesse having the day off - - YAY for a full freezer - - BOO for the scarf of many colors adding color to maternity clothes (I won't say I told you so . . .) - - but YAY that you won't be wearing maternity clothes that much longer! And YAY FOR 40 MORE DAYS TILL I GET ON A PLANE AND COME TO SEE YOU-S!!!! I can't wait! love you!!!

  2. That's awesome! I love that you have planned so far ahead with the food and I am sorry about your scarf! Sounds like something I would do.

  3. Jess did you discard the clothes yet?
    There is this sheet kind of thing you can put in the washing machine which helps to remove the dye from unintentionally dyed clothing. Tried it once and much to my surprise it worked.
    It's called Woolite Dye Magnet. If you still have the clothes and you'd like to try it, glad to send a couple of sheets.

  4. Why, yes I do still have the clothes and would like to try this magical sheet! :o) The sweater wasn't bad (I've still been wearing it) and the pants are comfy enough that I just stuck them back in my drawer in case I need to wear them around the house! But yeah, I'd love to try it! Thanks!